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We at the Rolesville Buzz invite our readers to take the Unplugged Challenge. Go 24 hours – or at least from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep – without technology. No cell phones, no television, no landline (if you have one at all). Emergencies are an exception, of course.

Local teen deals with bullying through surgery

Amy Arnold Amy Arnold, a rising junior at a local high school, has known the sting of bullying. Since elementary school, she has been the target of many insults both spoken and written, leaving her desperate and lonely. This constant unrelenting torment made school a difficult place to be and learning near impossible.

Summertime heightens Lyme disease awareness

Progression of ticks and their sizes

Lyme disease has fought as big a battle in achieving awareness and understanding as those who suffer from it have found in obtaining treatment. Mired in controversy, the disease has been difficult to talk about and finding adequate, affordable treatment even more so.

Signs of concern

Businessman opposes new Rolesville sign rules

The corner of Young and Main Streets in Downtown Rolesville

At a Rolesville Town Board meeting, Rick Eddins, the owner of Rolesville Furniture, spoke out against the regulations, calling the sign ordinances “a complete disaster for businesses.” The town of Rolesville, however, does not see it that way.

Siobhan Cahill, 19, takes on cross-county bicycling adventure

Outrunning a storm For some students, “summer” means being at home, working a part-time job and spending time with friends. For others, “summer” means parties and vacations, and for a few it means an additional school term. For Wake Forest resident Siobhan Cahill, however, this summer means riding her bike 4,000 miles across the country from Baltimore to San Francisco.


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Residential construction continues in Rolesville to accommodate the growth in population.

Rolesville booming according to U.S. Census report

Vegetation and solar panels share fields of the same farm.

Solar farms: the latest in farming technology

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore is coming to Wake Forest

ReStore coming to Wake Forest

Robin Reif, Rolesville's Town Clerk

Robin Reif hired as Rolesville’s Town Clerk

In Rolesville News …

Rolesville Police Department to host open house Aug. 3

Ace Hardware tops in customer satisfaction for 9th consecutive year. Rolesville store owner knows customers want excellent service.

Cycle-a-Thon to Support Local Foster Care System

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In Wake Forest News ...

Council seeks nominations for Good Neighbor of the Year award

Kids in Parks TRACK Trails program continues at Joyner Park

Wake Forest offering rain barrels for sale

Wake Forest News

In Other Area News …

Veteran’s job fair in Raleigh August 6

Other Area News