Farm-to-Table freshness based on local partnerships

Farm Table pic 2Photos courtesy of

 By Jeanne e. Fredriksen

If you’re familiar with Wake Forest’s Girasole Trat- toria, get ready for its new incarnation as Farm Table. The Giorgios Hospitality Group restaurant is mov- ing away from the current Italian-inspired theme and cuisine. In its place will be a contemporary farm-to- table concept restaurant with seasonal menus and a new farm house-inspired ambiance complete with barn boards, blackboards, mismatched chairs and apple crates. Partner/Owner Laszlo Lukacsi and Gen- eral Manager Todd Skipper expect the changeover to……READ ENTIRE ARTICLE


Rolesville Parks & Rec Has Something for Everyone This Summer

Baseball  003

By Jeanne E. Fredriksen

Get out and play, take a class, or volunteer with Rolesville’s Parks and Recreation department this summer.

From mid-July forward, there will be programs and classes for young and old, residents and non-residents. Full information can be found online including fees and registration forms……..READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Local Watercolorist Bonnie J. Becker Unveils

‘Bloomin’ Hot!’ at August’s Art After Hours

Bonnie J Becker pic 1

By Jeanne E. Fredriksen

 Bonnie J. Becker’s latest show, “Bloomin’ Hot!,” opens Friday, August 8, at the Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop during Art After Hours. The local watercolorist’s entirely new exhibit promises to showcase a different side of her already popular painting.

“I love having Bonnie here as a resident artist,” gallery owner Beth Massey said. “Her watercolors have such vibrancy and amazing attention to detail. I’m in awe of her mastery over such a challenging medium.”……..READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Business Briefs

Joyner Park Yogis

Sheila and Marty Gooch, both certified yoga instructors, bring free yoga to everyone at Joyner Park in Wake Forest every Sunday morning at 8:30.

Marty teaches yoga at the YMCA at The Factory and at Rex Wellness Center in Wakefield. Sheila currently works for Duke and provides private yoga instruction by appointment. They are the former owners of Wake Forest Yoga and, after selling the business, wanted to provide a place for free and fun yoga to all skill levels……….READ MORE ARTICLES

Go Native for Better Gardening

By Michelle Roberson
Franklin County Master Gardener Volunteer

With so many of us learning greener, cleaner gardening options, it only makes sense to discuss the transition to native planting.  Most enjoy the benefits of gardening, including flowers, supporting wildlife, pollinators, the dancing of butterflies, etc., but dislike all the required maintenance.

Non-native plants can be aggressive, and even invasive. For this article, “aggressive” means crowding or taking over an area. “Invasive” means it will use a host plant or object to climb and will kill any plant it uses………READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Pets and ‘Beaus’ … Can they get along?

By Vanessa DaVis

Since opening the store, I haven’t had a lot of time for my social life. It usually consists of a nice quite walk with Taylor (my furry true love). But recently I met someone and decided to accept the dinner “date” invitation.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as we ventured out. I knew he was a dog lover, since he has one of his own, so I wasn’t concerned about him liking Taylor or how he would treat him. Didn’t even give it a thought. And, Taylor seemed to warm up to him. Of course, that was when we were outside…….READ MORE

My Girl is Going to Marry Someone Else

Written by
O Morris

Dear O,

The girl I love is going to marry someone else. I have been searching for ways to stop a wedding, so when they ask during the ceremony whether anyone objects, I plan to stand up and beg her to marry me instead. If this doesn’t work, can you give me some suggestions on what else I could do?

She’s Mine

Dear She’s Mine,

She is? Really? I can’t tell. Especially if you’re telling me that she knows how you feel, yet you are not the groom…….READ MORE

Inspiration wins Big Rock

Heaviest marlin does not win the most money

Outdoors pic-InspirationThe crew of the Inspiration pose with their tournament-winning blue marlin.
photo courtesy of the Big rock Blue Marlin tournaMent

By Mike Zlotnicki

Captain Casey Wagner and angler Bruce Brown landed a 754.3-pound blue marlin on June 9 – opening day – and sweated out a week of awesome billfish angling, including a hook-up by the Tidal Volume just 19 minutes before tourney’s end, to take first place and $306,137 from the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament’s $1,395,825 purse.

But the Inspiration didn’t win the most money…..READ MORE

RMS Service Club Learns How Year-Long Project
Touches Lives of Hospitalized Children

Therapy Dolls pic 1
Students at Rolesville middle school attend a Skype session with faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill.
photo Jeanne e. Fredriksen
By Jeanne E. Fredriksen

Rolesville Middle School’s Service Learning Club, under the direction of Kim Davis, undertook a year-long project to create therapy dolls for hospitalized children. Their task was to trace and cut out the patterns for the dolls and gowns. Once community volunteers sewed the pieces, the students then stuffed and dressed the dolls.

On June 9, the club Skyped with Jessica Irven, Pediatric Psychosocial Support Program coordinator at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Pediatric Oncology Center, to learn how the dolls become teaching tools……READ MORE

‘Dishcrawl’ Food Tour Sampling Raleigh Restaurants

IsabellaVBuzz writer Isabella Vigilante organizes local ‘Dishcrawl’ food tours.
photo by lisa brown

What better way for a foodie to discover the best of different restaurants than to go on a walking food tour? “Dishcrawl” offers interested (and hungry) customers a chance to sample the best of three restaurants and to discover parts of Raleigh they may not usually venture to. It’s also a wonderful social event, giving complete strangers a chance to meet.

Rolesville Buzz writer Isabelle Vigilante launched the first Dishcrawl Raleigh on June 18. The three restaurants that participated were all located in the Five Points neighborhood known for its antique stores and the Rialto Theatre……READ MORE

Budget for  2014-2015  grows on  unexpected  revenue

rolesville budget

By Lisa Brown

Rolesville has seen much growth in the past year and is still one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state. This kind of growth brings challenges to meet the continuing needs of citizens and businesses. But the town says in its annual budget message that leaders are confident that despite challenges there are many positive things happening and the future looks bright.

The town’s $5,034,608 budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 represents a 23.9 percent increase from fiscal year 2013-’14. It was approved June 2……..READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Severe Weather No Stranger to North Carolina
Safety should be everyone’s No. 1 priority

By Jeanne E. Fredriksen

Because of our state’s geographic location, weather systems impact North Carolina from all directions. We see weather come from the west and over the mountains. Arctic air blasts down from the north. Tropical warmth and moisture flow up from the south. Winds from the Atlantic Ocean head inland.

Watch any weathercast on TV, and chances are you’ll see more than one system heading your way, sometimes resulting in severe weather. North Carolina is home to all forms of severe weather events: lightning, high winds, hail, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes and even, to a lesser extent in our immediate area, snow and hurricanes.

When the weather turns severe, it can be deadly and destructive, and it never waits for anyone to get to a safe place.

WNCN-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein also cautioned, “We have learned that tornadoes have hit the Tar Heel state in every month of the year. So, while it is strange to have snow one week and severe weather possible (the next), it is not unheard of (here).”……READ ENTIRE ARTICLE


Tick removal tips for summer


Adult Deer Tick

Summer brings all sorts of fun and happy activities. Often these activities mean being outside and exposed to all the elements that nature has to offer.

Most of those offerings are fun and enjoyable, but there are some that aren’t and one of those is the deer tick. While not every tick is dangerous, many can be so it’s important to know how to protect yourself and how to properly remove a tick if you find one on you.

If your plans include being outside in a wooded area it is best to wear long pants. It may make for a hotter hike but ticks don’t fly; they come to you on the leaves and brush beneath your feet and work their way up. If long pants are too uncomfortable, try wearing white socks that cover the ankles and the remove them outside after the outing…….READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Renaissance Centre Introduces ‘Writer’s Night In The Forest’

The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre has announced a new monthly series designed for avid readers in our community.

‘Writer’s Night in the Forest’ is a chance for anyone who enjoys getting lost in a good book to gather at the Renaissance Centre to socialize, network and explore a variety of reading selections. As a bonus, the Renaissance Centre will invite a different author each month to discuss a particular book…….READ MORE

Local Girl Scout Earns Silver Award


Savannah Barnes raised funds to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) sign installed.
photo courtesy of town of wake forest
By Getting to the Heart of a Safety Need

A local Girl Scout recently earned her Silver Award by making a Wake Forest recreation facility a safer place to play.

Several weeks ago, Savannah Barnes, a rising 9th grader at Thales Academy and member of Girl Scout Troop No. 1625, was considering how she might earn her Silver Award. The highest award attainable by Girl Scout Cadettes, the Silver Award promotes leadership and community service and encourages Girl Scouts to consider ways to make their communities better places……..READ MORE

2014 Rolesville Business Expo Held at New Thales Academy Campus

Business Expo pic 2

The Rolesville Business Expo ushered in a new location this year with many vendors, sponsors and community members on hand.
photos by isabella vigilante

By Isabella F. Vigilante

This year’s Rolesville Business Expo was held the afternoon of June 19 at Thales Academy, the newest high school campus in Rolesville.

Over 800 visitors braved the afternoon’s thunderstorms to attend the Expo, perusing vendors’ booths, partaking in raffles and sampling food from various local restaurants and catering companies.

According to event chair Melanie Diehl, “nearly 50 exhibitors” were in attendance, displaying their companies’ wares and services.

Among these exhibitors were many first-time Expo attendees, to include Jacobi Affinnih, owner of the Rolesville Grill, located on Main Street…….READ MORE


Rolesville Midget LeagueThe Rolesville Parks and Rec Midget League Leonard Builders Red Sox finished

There were 120 entrants in this year’s tour-

the Spring Season as League Champions with an undefeated 10-0 record!

Pictured Back row (l-r): Tracy Goss, Assistant Coach; Tony Howard, Head Coach; John Lowthorpe, Assistant Coach; Middle row: Hunter Goss, Levi Moore, Ethan Howard, Matthew Curry, Nicolaus Bray, Jordan Lowthorpe, Matthew Ray; Front row: Jamaal McKoy, Sean Nock, Brandon Howard, Owen Kesler, Dominic Piacenti

photo courtesy of kathy howard

Rolesville water-sewer debt paid early, citizens benefit sooner

By Jeanne E. Fredriksen

It’s not every day that utility rates decrease, but in Rolesville, it’s a reality. Residents, now fully and officially a part of a larger customer base, are encouraged to check their water-sewer bills to see how the change in rates affects them beginning July 1.

Twelve-and-a-half years ago, on January 1, 2002, the Town of Rolesville entered into an agreement with the City of Raleigh to facilitate an upgrade to the Town’s water and sewer systems. It was imperative that the systems meet current requirements and sustain growth. This agreement included capital improvements that had to be made to those existing systems.

An assessment of the outdated systems had been made prior to 2002…...READ MORE

Faith and worship

It is with great difficulty that the Christian of our times will be able to stay focused and “keep the main thing, the main thing.” We struggle with keeping our priorities in order, with time management, and with staying free of the “time stealers” like television, smartphones and Facebook.

Our plates are so full, we say, that there’s not sufficient time to do many of the “good” things we know we should be doing as Christ followers. It’s been established through surveys that most Christians spend very little (if any) time in the Word of God Monday through Saturday. The same could be said of prayer, and even church attendance…....READ MORE