Rolesville Wildflower Walk

April 26, 2017 @ 9:30 am
The big parking lot @ Rolesville Main Street Park
Hughen Nourse
Members of the River Hawks chapter of the NC Wildlife Society will be conducting a walk at 9:30 on April 26th at the Rolesville Main Street Park and welcomes people who would like to participate.  Meet at the big parking lot.
Main Street Park in Rolesville is in a charming setting with old trees, interesting wildflowers, and surprising granite rocks. While we normally expect to see pine trees and willow oaks, the Park also has an abundance of water oaks and some large black cherry trees. It is in late April that the granite rock flora comes into bloom in the thin soil along the margins of the outcrops. One can find white Virginia saxifrage, and in hollows in the rock there is abundant white stitchwort.  Another surprise comes in the form of a little red-stemmed succulent plant named Elf Orpine. At this time of year, Elf Orpine blooms with a tiny white blossom that is a striking contrast to the red stems. A further color contrast comes from the vivid green of the mosses that grow in the moist areas. But step carefully so as not to squash these tiny plants.
Hughen Nourse •