2014 Rolesville Business Expo Held at New Thales Academy Campus

Business Expo pic 2

By Isabella F. Vigilante

This year’s Rolesville Business Expo was held the afternoon of June 19 at Thales Academy, the newest high school campus in Rolesville.

Over 800 visitors braved the afternoon’s thunderstorms to attend the Expo, perusing vendors’ booths, partaking in raffles and sampling food from various local restaurants and catering companies.

According to event chair Melanie Diehl, “nearly 50 exhibitors” were in attendance, displaying their companies’ wares and services.

Among these exhibitors were many first-time Expo attendees, to include Jacobi Affinnih, owner of the Rolesville Grill, located on Main Street.

Affinnih set up the Rolesville Grill’s booth in the school’s main lobby and offered samples of the restaurant’s fare.

“I’m impressed with the turnout,” Affinnih said. “But the chicken salad has been popular,” she said, referring to small helpings of the delicatessen specialty served on crackers in miniature plastic cups. “We had to call in reserves (from the restaurant)!”

Another group that was marking its first Expo was the Red/Pink Hummingbird Hatters chapter of Zebulon. The Hatters are neither makers nor sellers of hats. They are a ladies’ social group that celebrates with parades, luncheons and gatherings. They also meet periodically for pajama parties.

“We play dress-up,” said Geraldine Hildebrand. “But (the Red and Pink Hat Societies) are really about women having fun at any age!”

The Zebulon Red/Pink Hummingbird Hatters (with the participation of Avon Cosmetics) tent won an award later in the evening for the Expo’s “Most Colorful Booth.”

Other awards given out at the Expo included the “Most Creative Booth” award, which went to Vanessa Davis, owner of Dirty Dogs’ Spa. The “Most Effective Display” award went to Robert and Karen Pettyjohn, of Pettyjohn’s Carpet Cleaning.

This year’s Rolesville Business Expo was sponsored by the Rolesville Buzz, Catering By Design, and the Rolesville Weekly.