2015 Rolesville Voter’s Guide

Meet the Candidates

All candidates are listed alphabetically within their categories. To access each candidate’s full profile including background, candidate’s statement, qualifications, and answers to four important question, please click the candidate’s name. The four questions asked of all seven candidates are:

1. Why are you running for this office, and why should voters consider you to be the most qualified candidate?
2. What are the three (3) most important actions you would take if elected, and how would you push or pay for them?
3. Rolesville’s population is growing. What are the three (3) most important challenges you believe the town will face in the years ahead, and how would you address each one if elected?
4. What, specifically, should the mayor and commissioners do to spur economic development in Rolesville?

• Candidates for Mayor

 Frank Eagles FRANK EAGLES


• Candidates for Commissioner

Roy King ROY KING  Michelle Medley MICHELLE MEDLEY
 Rosemary Parker ROSEMARY M. PARKER  Sheilah Sutton SHEILAH SUTTON
Paul Vilga  PAUL VILGA