A note from the publisher

— Sherwood D. Bobbitt, Publisher, Rolesville Buzzsherwood.bobbitt@rolesvillebuzz.com • July 2017

Rolesville Buzz Bee logoAs I look back and read through the article written by our Managing Editor, Jeanne Fredriksen, I fondly remember the town I was introduced to 10 years ago. Not big, by population, but larger in life than most may have known. While I was not working in Rolesville at that time, my twin brother was a resident.

My daily commute to Rolesville stated after I had recently been displaced from a newspaper publishing company that I had spent over half my life working at that time. That’s when I joined the Rolesville Buzz. As I reviewed the ten years of publishing, I recognize that we still do many things the same even though much change has taken place around us. We still publish monthly and are still true to our roots, the good news that the community wants to read about.

With the growth that Rolesville, Wake Forest and other surrounding areas have experienced, we are even more challenged for revenue dollars with the list of publications in the area steadily expanding. But the good news is that we are using our years of experience and knowledge to expand our product list and offerings.

We are no longer just a monthly community newspaper but have transformed into a print services operation that includes a newspaper with a hyperlocal reach. Today, we provide our ever growing customer base with a long list of marketing and promotional items to go along with reaching the community through the Buzz. Many days we find ourselves knee deep in business cards, postcards, banners, flyers, and direct mail.

We still enjoy what we do and we are extremely excited about the future, especially with more grown and expansion in Rolesville. That alone will provide us lots more fun and amazing opportunities. We look forward to adding several more decades to being a part of this community including publishing the Buzz.

Many thanks to our current, past and future writers, graphic artists,  account representatives, etc. that help us get all of our products completed. A huge thanks goes out to our advertising and marketing partners for believing in us over the past 10 years. We value each and every relationship. And last but not least, an enormous thanks goes out to our readers and the community for allowing us to be a part of your lives. We appreciate YOU!