Area Families Sought for Exchange Students

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Rolesville-Wake Forest area families have the opportunity to learn about foreign culture and in turn educate a young student from abroad in the coming school year.

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World Heritage International Student Exchange Program is seeking local host families for high school boys and girls from France, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Thailand, China, South Korea, and the former Soviet Republics for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Host families volunteer to provide room, board and guidance for teenagers living thousands of miles from home.

Couples, single parents, and families with or without children in the home are all encouraged to apply.

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Exchange students arrive shortly before the school year starts. Each student is fully insured, has their own spending money, and is expected to share in the family’s home and life, including basic household responsibilities.

If you are interested in opening your home and sharing your family life with a young person from abroad, phone World Heritage at 800-888-9040 or visit