Area towns have resolutions for the New Year

By Lisa Brown

Now that the holidays have drawn to a close, people are readying themselves for the New Year. With that comes the dreaded word – Resolutions! What will it be this year? Work out more? Eat less cheese? Reduce stress? Then there’s the treadmill that by the end of the year is buried under the pile of clothes.

Regardless of whether we worry about success or failure, having resolutions and goals is always good for individuals, but also for local towns as a way to make 2015 a great year. Town officials here say 2015 will bring interesting and exciting happenings.

Rolesville’s first resolution may be one that many residents put on their lists – “to walk more,” as Mayor Frank Eagles put it. The town’s goal is to put more sidewalks in areas where there is sidewalk missing to make it easier for residents to get around. Other plans include for Rolesville to have its own library and bus services.

If getting some exercise is on your resolution list, traversing Rolesville will be more enjoyable and easy. And if a longer trip is needed, hopefully a bus will be available.

Wake Forest has much planned for the coming year, which can be heard first-hand from Mayor Vivian Jones at the State of the Town Address and Dinner, Monday, February 16 at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. Jones will go over accomplishments for 2014 as well as talk about goals for 2015.

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Look for 2015 to bring new bridges to Wake Forest in “Operation Bridge Exchange.” Old bridges are being replaced with new, safer ones. Also, “Play It Forward” will be unveiled to outline a new Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which will look at anticipated needs and how the town can upgrade facilities and programs as needed.

Zebulon is in the process of hiring a town manager, and the mayor is currently working to define the skills needed and should be ready to start the hiring process at the beginning of this year. Zebulon is also poised for more growth and expects to see housing and commercial development increase in 2015.

Get ready for an exciting 2015 as area towns welcome a new year and new challenges.