Boosterthon Fun Run Motivates Students at Sanford Creek Elementary to Put Ideas into Action

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On August 19, students from Tracks 1 and 2 ran in the Boosterthon Fun Run at Sanford Creek Elementary (SCES). On August 31, students from Tracks 3 and 4 participated in their own Fun Run. The Boosterthon Fun Runs were the culminating events of the nine-day Boosterthon programs with a theme of “Backyard Box Office.”

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Each day, students in kindergarten through fifth grade learned from five real-life, inspiring students whose world-changing ideas will prepare SCES students to implement their own ideas.

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“The goal of Boosterthon is to raise money for our school,” said Alica Abbe, SCES PTA president, who added that the money will help fund new instructional technology and other projects. “Some of the money will be used to fund teacher mini-grants. For example, last year, we were able to provide funds for teachers to finish off reading programs in our school.”

Sanford Creek ES Boosterthon

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On average, students ran 30 to 35 laps to secure the funds they raised for their school during the nine-day program. In this photo, students collected bracelets to keep track of how many laps they ran during the Sanford Creek Boosterthon Fun Run. Photo courtesy of Boosterthon

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This is the sixth year Sanford Creek has participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run. The school has gained more than $89,000 in the five years it has partnered with Boosterthon.

According to a press release provided by Alpharetta, Georgia-based Booster Enterprises, Inc., the Boosterthon Fun Run is a national fundraising program that promotes fitness, leadership and character while partnering with more than 1,900 schools each year. Its popularity stems from its reimagining of an industry that relied on students selling products door to door.

“We came up with the Boosterthon Fun Run so that schools could focus on education and not on fundraising,” Chris Carneal, founder and president, said on the company’s website.

The SCES program began with a pep rally to set the tone. During the Boosterthon program, students viewed five documentary-style videos featuring the stories of five kid difference-makers. From the videos, the students learned the five steps to making a difference in their community: find a need, write a plan, rally a team, launch it now and grit it out.

The program concluded with the Fun Run. The goal was to have most of the students run 30 to 35 laps on a track set up by Boosterthon. In the case of Sanford Creek, there were two tracks: one for grades K-2 and the other for grades 3-5.

“The Bootherthon organization provides music, and they get everyone excited,” Abbe said. “The kids ran or walked around the track, and for each lap that they completed, they got a (silicone) bracelet from our teachers. Parents, grandparents, businesses pledged an amount per lap. At the end of the run, the child counted the number of bracelets on his or her arm then Boosterthon recorded it in their system. An email went out to the people who pledged for that child, and then we start the collection process at that point.”

It’s not the only fundraiser that involves the school, but it’s the school’s largest and most profitable fundraiser, allowing the PTA to make a substantial contribution of materials to the school. Last year, the PTA was able to fund 30 iPads plus protective bumpers for the tablets to complement the iPads purchased the year before by the school. The PTA intends to purchase more technology this year, although organizers haven’t decided what that technology will be.

“I am so proud of the way our Sanford Creek community – our students, parents, teachers, staff, community partners and PTA – have come together as a team with such passion to make this Boosterthon a success,” Abbe said. “With the success of our Boosterthon Fun Runs, we will be able to purchase instructional technology for our school as well as fund other PTA projects.”

— Jeanne E. Fredriksen • jeanne.fredriksen@rolesvillebuzz.comSeptember 2016