Business Briefs – July 2014

Joyner Park Yogis

Bus Brief Sheila Gooch

Sheila and Marty Gooch, both certified yoga instructors, bring free yoga to everyone at Joyner Park in Wake Forest every Sunday morning at 8:30.

Marty teaches yoga at the YMCA at The Factory and at Rex Wellness Center in Wakefield. Sheila currently works for Duke and provides private yoga instruction by appointment. They are the former owners of Wake Forest Yoga and, after selling the business, wanted to provide a place for free and fun yoga to all skill levels.

Sheila has recently discovered the MELT method and has integrated it into her yoga practice for an eclectic mix of modalities that focus on health and healing. MELT helps bring your body back to a more ideal state by decreasing stuck stress that accumulates in connective tissue from daily living.

Each Sunday session is guided by either Marty, Sheila or another certified yoga instructor. Some classes have included tai chi and Pilates, and many include energy work after yoga for anyone interested.

The environment is informal and welcomes all skill levels. The Gooches suggest coming with an open mind and heart. Also, especially as it heats up, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, bug spray, a yoga mat, and a towel or blanket because the grass is often wet.

Look for Joyner Park Yogis at the small stage near the butterfly garden. They gather roughly April through October, depending on when it warms up enough and stays warm.

To find out more and keep up with announcements, search for “Joyner Park Yogis” on Facebook.

For more information about the MELT method, visit

Heart Wisdom Holistics

Sunny Petkova Garcia has opened a new home-based business providing Reiki, energy healing, crystal energy, chakra balancing, and other modalities to assist customers with emotional release and general emotional well-being.

Garcia studied under well-known and respected Raleigh Reiki Master Vickie Penninger. She has been practicing for over a year and now provides her services by appointment at her house in Heritage.

Reiki is a healing method that draws from the universal life force to effect change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can help a person energize, balance and harmonize. It is said to be powerful and effective, yet subtle and noninvasive.

Garcia is offering free 15-minute sessions so those new to Reiki can discover its benefits. Schedule an appointment at 919-260-7570 or

Sarge’s Chef on Wheels

Bus Brief Sarge's

Julius West is bringing his famous and popular cuisine from his food truck to 400 Southtown Circle in Rolesville.

West, a product of a military family derived his love of cooking from his mother, and his love of different cuisines from the many places he and his family lived throughout his childhood.

He offers what he calls “Chop Soul,” a combination of downhome cooking with Asian and Caribbean flavors. He proudly boasts how unique and special the cuisine is, as well as that the name of the restaurant is a tribute to his father who served in the Air Force for over 30 years.

Sarge’s serves breakfast all day and has a lunch menu.

West recently suffered a heart attack, which made working on a food truck for extended periods impossible, so he and his wife decided to open a store front. However, the truck is still available for certain events.

The Southtown Circle location is convenient for Rolesville patrons and close to the Wests’ home in Raleigh.

Sarge’s is a family affair in every way, with West’s daughter and wife helping prepare and serve food.

The restaurant is open 6: 30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information call 919-263-8976 or visit Facebook: search for “Sarge’s Chef on Wheels” • Twitter: @sargeschef

Pelican’s SnoBalls

Bus Brief Pierce Tooley

Just in time for the summer heat, owners Melody Parsons and Mike Snee have opened Pelican’s SnoBalls on North Main Street in Wake Forest.

Named for the state bird of Louisiana, Pelican’s SnoBalls strives to stay true to the original New Orleans “snoball.” The shop offers more than 100 flavors, including those that appeal to kids such as Hello Kitty, Angry Birds and Shrek, and adult flavors such as mojito and pina colada. (They don’t contain alcohol!)

Pelican’s opened after Melody Parsons decided retirement wasn’t all that she hoped, and began looking for something fun and different in Wake Forest. The couple also owns a Pelican’s SnoBalls in Henderson and asked shift manager and recent high school graduate Pierce Tooley help with the Wake Forest location for a few weeks before leaving for Maine Corps boot camp.

Noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, noon to 10 p.m. Saturday, 1 to 9 p.m. Sunday

703 North Main Street, Wake Forest • Facebook: search for “Pelican’s Snoballs Wake Forest”