Buzz Woof & Meow: Grooming Tips 101

— Vanessa Davis • March 2017

Spring is almost here, and along with it comes the dirt and pollen that accumulates on your pet’s coat. If left unattended, it will lead to a nasty, grimy, matted mess on your pup. That’s where an expert in the field of pet grooming can help you keep your pet comfortable without sacrificing the style you love.

Pets - Grooming

Marcia Weatherly-Barnes of Franklinton and her 16-year-old “Justamere” dog, Sam, find bath time and grooming
at Dirty Dogs to be easy and fun.

Many times, the owner’s first instinct is to “shear the coat” to reduce shedding and prevent matting. However, that isn’t always the best solution for the pet. Their coat/fur is their insulation; therefore, your pet may overheat in the summer or get too cold in the winter without this protection. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a short cut that is both practical and stylish.

Taking the time to brush your pet not only provides one-on-one quality time with your pet but also helps to reduce the tangles and mats that form from rolling in the grass and swimming, as well as helping to reduce shedding. While brushing, you will also be able to detect any skin issues that may be forming. Hotspots, ticks and fleas are just a few of the many issues that can occur and go unnoticed on longer-coated pets. Just because your pet stays indoors most of the time doesn’t mean it is immune to the dreaded fleas and ticks. These pesty critters can hitch a ride on you or your pet from just one outing on a beautiful day.

Dirt and pollen can stir up allergies in both the pet and the owner. Having a dampened cloth, pet wipes or all-natural unscented baby wipes at the door is a great idea. Take time to wash your pet’s face, eyes and paws, and check its ears after each walk. This will help in reducing the pollen carried indoors as well as in finding any ticks that may have been picked up on your stroll.

Many people question the frequency of bathing their pet. Bathing too frequently can reduce the natural oils and not often enough can lead to a grimy and stinky pooch. It all depends on your activities. If your pet does a lot of swimming, you want to be sure to rinse, dry and brush it after every swim. This will prevent hot spots and matting on longer-coated pets. If you notice a dry, flaky coat, your pet may be getting bathed too frequently.

If you have questions regarding the recommended grooming needs for your pet, consult a certified pet groomer. They can help you select the most suitable cut and style that meets your pet’s needs and activity level.

Vanessa Davis is the owner of Dirty Dogs Spa and Boutique in Wake Forest. All products mentioned in this article are all-natural products and are sold at Dirty Dogs Spa and Boutique.