Candidate’s Page: George Drewett

George DrewettRolesville Resident: 15 years

Current Civic Involvement:
– Commissioner of the Town Planning Board (2006-present)

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Previous Civic Involvement:
– Commissioner of the Town Parks and Recreation Board (2001-2006)
– Helped to establish the Rolesville Park System

Web site/Facebook/Twitter/contact: |

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Candidate’s Statement: I am committed to ushering Rolesville into its next phase by helping small businesses prosper as the community grows. I recognize the power of education and will support local youth through improved schools. I firmly believe in open and honest government, and I encourage active dialogue between Town leaders and the community. I need your vote on November 3.


1. Why are you running for this office, and why should voters consider you to be the most qualified candidate?

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I am running for Mayor because this is a key moment in the life of our town. We are the fastest growing municipality in the state of North Carolina and Rolesville needs an involved mayor who will listen to all the voices of our community. It is important to support local businesses which create jobs and give back to our community. I am committed to the success of our town as it grows.

2. What are the three (3) most important actions you would take if elected, and how would you push or pay for them?

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If elected, I would evaluate business regulations to ensure that local companies can operate with low costs that promote profitability, while maintaining our “small town” atmosphere. The Rolesville school system is continuing to expand and it is important that we provide a secure, safe environment for learning. I would collaborate with school staff and administrators to identify keys to success for students. There are state and federal grants available for economic and educational development. The success of businesses will also increase our tax base over time.

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3. Rolesville’s population is growing. What are the three (3) most important challenges you believe the town will face in the years ahead, and how would you address each one if elected?

Rolesville’s population is growing. The future will bring increased traffic through Town and it is important to keep everyone safe. It is also important to continue bringing community members and businesses together to support local organizations and create strong community bonds. Just because the Town is growing, doesn’t mean we have to be disconnected.

4. What, specifically, should the mayor and commissioners do to spur economic development in Rolesville?

The Mayor and commissioners should work to eliminate restrictions on small businesses, which have limited start-up capital, so those businesses can be sustainable. Town leaders should foster a downtown environment that is conducive to increased foot traffic, which helps businesses and increases the vitality of our Town.