Candidate’s Page: Michelle Medley

Michelle MedleyRolesville Resident: 8 years

Current Civic Involvement:
– I believe all people should take on some type of civic duty.
– Very involved in volunteerism on both my community and county level
– Have volunteered for the past 6 years on my community Home Owner’s Association Board, with the first year serving as vice president and currently for the past 5 years as President
– Active member of the American Red Cross of Eastern North Carolina serving both on their DAT (Disaster Action Team) as well as in the Blood Donations centers
– Wake county court mediator
– Member of Rolesville High school booster club
– Coaching and am a 3-time coach for Girls on the Run (a running program for elementary aged children)
– Voted Coach of the Year for the RTP area this past spring

Previous Civic Involvement:
– Served on past PTA boards at Heritage High school as both vice president and president.

Web site/Facebook/Twitter/contact: N/A

Candidate’s Statement: As a citizen of Rolesville, I believe that we all have duties in regards to public service. We should all be accountable to help families, friends and strangers both within and outside of our community. When we make the decision to serve, we should all serve with a servant’s heart. We should go into public service knowing that our actions today are going to lead the way to better tomorrows for all.  I have found that being in a position of leadership brings with it many responsibilities. While it is not a position to take lightly, it is one that requires a thick skin. Everyone has a problem that they want solved yesterday. Most have solutions that they want implemented today. No decision made will please 100% of the people, and it is important that we all realize this moving forward.


1. Why are you running for this office, and why should voters consider you to be the most qualified candidate?

I am running for this office because I believe Rolesville is currently positioned to see massive growth take place starting yesterday. We have PUDS planned throughout the town that will encourage investors and builders to aggressively come here to build more homes in a town that is experiencing such growth.  While we are still considered a small town in comparison to other towns, home seekers/buyers are looking to Rolesville as the town in which to purchase their home and to raise their families.

I was born and raised in a small town much like Rolesville, in NY. I firmly believe that as a licensed real estate broker in NC (with many of those years licensed in NY), I have not only seen how small towns, like Rolesville, grow into their own, I have also seen similar towns suffer financially because they weren’t prepared for such growth. With my insight into various real estate markets, my experience dealing with people, my mediation and negotiation skills as well as  my ability to listen and make leadership decisions, I feel I would prove well to serve as Town Commissioner.

2. What are the three (3) most important actions you would take if elected, and how would you push or pay for them?

Clearly, there are many actions that I would like to see take place in Rolesville. But before I answer the above I must state that it would be remiss of me to say how I would pay for something in a position that I have never held. There are guidelines that must be learned and adhered to before one can say how they will pay for something without actually knowing the rules and regulations.

(1) I would work hard to get more businesses (both big and small) to choose Rolesville as the town for their business. I feel that often times Rolesville is overlooked because of its size, today. I want businesses to see us as an opportunity to be a part of now as we are an up and coming town of the future.  I will work hard to get companies to see us for the magnificent town that we are destined to become. With the opening of the bypass, it is crucial that we do all that we can now to encourage businesses to consider Rolesville now.  If we do not position ourselves as the next big town that we are destined to become, business, consumers and visitors will use the bypass just as its name suggests, a road in which to “bypass” our town and keep driving right down the highway.

(2) I would like to see our town officials more engaged with our community on a more routinely basis. I can not tell you how many functions I have personally attended where typically you will see the same 1 or 2 officials show up for said event(s). I feel leadership should make themselves engaged in the community, transparent in their decision making process and accessible and available to their constituents. As a town commissioner, I plan to do all of the above.

(3) I would work towards a more unified relationship between our local Chamber of Commerce and our town officials. It is only thru a strong commitment made by each side to work towards a common goal of building and strengthening our town that we can truly begin to solicit businesses to want to be a part of our town.

3. Rolesville’s population is growing. What are the three(3) most important challenges you believe the town will face in years ahead, and how would you address each one of if elected?

(1) Encouraging businesses (big and small) to want to set up shop in Rolesville. With our current rate of growth and the anticipated growth predicted, the town will need to seek other means of collecting revenue in order to keep the town financially stable. I would ask for a focus group of volunteers from the community to join in offering their opinion and ideas on how to market our town to businesses looking for a place to call home.

(2) The town will have to find ways to engage our citizen’s to continue to support our community schools here in Rolesville verses applying to neighboring town schools. We are finally a town with our own schools that carry our namesake on the elementary, middle and high school levels. Without the support of our elected officials and residents, we are destined to see a severe downward spiral of our town and the direction in which we want to go. Poorly recommended and/or unsupported schools can ultimately result in bad publicity for our town, devalued property values, fledgling businesses that either fold or move on to the next town or state are  just a few of the possible pitfalls. It is important that we implement plans to encourage our citizens to support our schools on every level. We need to start this endeavor first thru our local leadership. Leadership has to step up  for our community to feel connected and engaged.

(3) Another big challenge that our town has to contend with is our own infrastructure. As one of the oldest towns in Wake County, our infrastructure lacks in many areas. For example, why is it that our residents still have to go to neighboring towns to use a library? If we do not have the financial resources in house to construct a town library, what other resources do we have that we have not yet exhausted? What about a recreational center? Our residents go outside of the town limits to join various health and recreational clubs. That is money that our town is losing out on by not having these amenities available to its residents. While we do have higher numbers in our younger recreational teams, our older teams are seeking more competitive teams outside of Rolesville. Our leadership should be  looking for ways to keep those dollars in Rolesville. We need to seek ways to be just as competitive as the next town. Welcoming fresh ideas and being willing to open our doors to opportunities as our needs continue to grow must be evaluated more often.

Again, we need focus groups with fresh ideas to offer their suggestions and ways in which to get more efficient programs up and running. We need volunteers to help implement these programs. It is my goal to see such plans created and implemented.

4. What, specifically, should the mayor and commissioners do to spur economic development in Rolesville?

I feel that our commissioners can no longer wait for businesses to come to Rolesville. They must implement plans immediately to encourage growth and employment in Rolesville. Partnerships must  be created to bolster town pride. Initiatives have to be put in place to encourage change. New lines of communication have to be implemented. While it is my belief that our town leaders are working on ways in which to improve and grow our town, I feel that a more concise, fresher and detailed approach is needed in which to make that happen. An initiative has to be started now if we are going to become the town that both people and businesses are eager to move to and call their home.