Candidate’s Page: Rosemary M. Parker

Rosemary ParkerRolesville Resident: 12 years

Current Civic Involvement:
– Member of Rolesville Parks and Recreation Board
– Extra Special Super Kids Scholarship Fund

Previous Civic Involvement:
– Habitat for Humanity,
– Coach, Rolesville Parks and Recreation

Web site/Facebook/Twitter/contact: N/A

Candidate’s Statement: I have seen major changes in our community both good and not so good.  I plan to bring a common sense approach when making decisions that affect our community.  I want to promote responsible growth in both the residential and the business sector.  I also believe in a strong law enforcement department that will keep our businesses and residents safe.  A little background about myself….I was born and raised in Union County, North Carolina.  I graduated from NC State University in 1994 with a degree in Political Science.  I have been a Wake County resident since 1990 and a Rolesville resident since April 2003.  I have a husband (Dan) and two boys (Danny, 12 and Nate 11).


1. Why are you running for this office, and why should voters consider you to be the most qualified candidate?

I am running for office because I feel that I can make a positive impact on the future of our community.  I have good “business sense” having worked in management at UPS for 18 years.  This is my first time running for public office so I can bring fresh new ideas and energy to the Board.

2. What are the three (3) most important actions you would take if elected, and how would you push or pay for them?

Responsible growth, support and growth of our law enforcement and emergency services, and a strong Parks and Recreation department are three important areas that need to be addressed.  We need to recruit businesses that will be part of our great community and support the town not only financially but through community involvement.  With the growth we are experiencing, we must continue to grow our law enforcement and emergency services.  A safe community will attract the type of businesses and residents we want to come to Rolesville.  A strong Parks and Recreation department will help Rolesville continue to grow into a healthy and thriving town that enjoys living and playing together.

3. Rolesville’s population is growing. What are the three (3) most important challenges you believe the town will face in the years ahead, and how would you address each one if elected?

With the growth that Rolesville is experiencing, we must make sure our support services (Police, Fire and EMS) are growing as the population increases.  We need to make sure with growth, we are partnering with businesses that want to support our town and help us maintain our thriving community and neighborhoods.  As our population grows, we need to increase activities for our families.  Our new business partners will be asked to support and sponsor our Parks and Recreation Department so our children and families remain active in the community.

4. What, specifically, should the mayor and commissioners do to spur economic development in Rolesville?

I believe the Mayor and Commissioners need to attract businesses that will be an active part of the community.  I understand that the town may need to offer incentives to attract quality companies to our area but we don’t need it to be a “one way street.”  We live in a very desirable section of Wake County with easy access to major highways.  We need to be selective on who we allow to be a part of our great town.