Dear Moms

May 2016

By Julia Colborn

Mother’s Day. The day of taking guilt-free naps, setting aside chores and watching all your children get along. For Allison Young-Barbour of Zebulon, this year also will be the first celebrating her own motherhood.

Allison Young-Barbour

Allison and Steven are thrilled to be new parents!
The picture was taken by a nurse at the hospital.
Photo courtesy of Allison Young-Barbour.

“I’m scared, nervous, and excited,” she said at the time. “Scared about the pain, nervous about being a mother, but excited about being a mother.”

She and her husband, Steven Barbour, were just two months shy of getting married when they found out they were pregnant.

“He was excited. I freaked out,” she said.

Luckily, she was still able to fit into her dress, and they were happily married in October 2015. As husbands and new fathers are wont to do, Barbour became very protective of his wife. He lifted and moved things for her and would sometimes swat at her hands if she tried to do something he deemed too strenuous. She said she found herself reminding him, “I’m pregnant, not disabled,” but she couldn’t help but smile at the memories.

This new experience deepened her relationship with her own mother, Sandy Young.

“The first thing I did was call my mom,” Young-Barbour said. “I don’t know anything about raising a kid!”

This is Young’s first grandchild, and her daughter described how excited the soon-to-be grandmother was. Young would say things to her about babysitting “every Friday” and even told strangers, “This is my baby.” The daughter recalled one instance in which a woman actually thought that it was Young’s baby, and that Young-Barbour was just a surrogate!

Toward the end of the pregnancy, she was “so ready for the baby to come out.” The couch had become more comfortable than her bed, she couldn’t sleep through the night, she was jumping up at every little noise and she even noticed her nose had widened. But even with all that, “I am most excited about being able to cuddle my baby, and see what he looks like,” Young-Barbour said.

Mother's Day 2016