‘Dishcrawl’ Food Tour Sampling Raleigh Restaurants

Buzz writer Isabella Vigilante organizes local ‘Dishcrawl’ food tours.
photo by lisa brown

What better way for a foodie to discover the best of different restaurants than to go on a walking food tour? “Dishcrawl” offers interested (and hungry) customers a chance to sample the best of three restaurants and to discover parts of Raleigh they may not usually venture to. It’s also a wonderful social event, giving complete strangers a chance to meet.

Rolesville Buzz writer Isabelle Vigilante launched the first Dishcrawl Raleigh on June 18. The three restaurants that participated were all located in the Five Points neighborhood known for its antique stores and the Rialto Theatre.

The first stop was NOFO, where everyone was treated to delicious Southern cooking in a fun and eclectic atmosphere. Once a Piggly Wiggly, NOFO now offers customers delicious fare but also sells wonderful local food and gift items.

The next stop on the tour was the Bloomsbury Bistro just across the street from the NOFO. Bloomsbury offers an elegant setting and serves nationally renowned French cuisine that boasts a unique global flavor. Last on the tour was The Point Restaurant and Bar, which proudly depends upon local farmers and ranchers to bring the best flavors and tastes. The atmosphere is relaxed while the food is upscale.

Vigilante, an N.C. State University graduate with a degree in Art Studies, saw an ad for the Dishcrawl Ambassador position on Craigslist. The leap from art studies to hosting eager diners on a guided food tour may seem far-fetched, but food has always been an important part of Vigilante’s family life, and she and her parents often gather together in shared love of cooking and good food.

Dishcrawl’s philosophy is much the same: bringing people together in the spirit of  food and community. For $45, the tours are designed to keep everyone well-fed, entertained and informed, which was the outcome for the 22 happy and satisfied June participants.

Dishcrawl started in San Francisco and is now in 250 U.S. and Canadian cities. Soon, it will expand to the U.K.

Not only do organizers hope to connect communities through food, but they have hopes for the world as well.

Vigilante is excited to be part of the shared experience and to bring it to the Raleigh area. With so many restaurants in the Triangle, there are limitless possibilities.

To be part of the next three-hour food adventure, go to http://dishcrawl.com/raleigh/. It will be held on Wednesday, July 16, and the restaurants are being kept a secret until just before the event. If you are on Twitter you can be the first to know! Follow Dishcrawl Raleigh at @Dishcrawlrdu.