Franklin County 4-H’ers Win Big at N.C. State Fair

— Meg Wyatt, Franklin County 4-H Agent • December 2016 • Photos courtesy of Franklin County 4-H

Franklin County 4-H @ NC State Fair

Lillian Jackson

Franklin County 4-H’ers have been busy the past few months as they prepared their crafts, produce, poultry, and livestock for the 2016 NC State Fair. We had an overwhelming 73 youth participate in the State Fair this year. There were 31 youth who entered items in crafts and 38 kids that showed livestock.  Some of the categories that the youth showed or entered items into included but are not limited to: livestock (cows, goats, sheep, and hogs), poultry, crafts in the 4-H division and other divisions, culinary, produce, and canned items.

Franklin County 4-H @ NC State Fair

Caleb Davis

It was amazing to hear from youth and parents the excitement of receiving a ribbon, regardless of the placing. Youth have worked hard and put in a lot of time and dedication to get to the fair and they see their efforts pay off! Some youth showed their personal livestock and some 4-H’ers showed 4-H volunteer

club leaders’ livestock. Below is just a glimpse into what youth participated and some of the awards they brought home.

Franklin County 4-H @ NC State Fair

Lance Williams

Lance Williams, age 11, received six 1st place ribbons, three 2nd place ribbons in culinary, crafts, horticulture, and honey and one Best in Show Ribbon for his True Pound Cake in the Culinary category.

Destiny Adams, age 7, entered her two chickens and received 1st Place with her Black Australorp and 1st place with her Buff Orpington.

Franklin County 4-H @ NC State Fair

Lily Chadwick

Kendal Thornburg, age 8, received Grand Champion Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pair, 2nd place Black Australorp Pullet, 5th Place Dominique Hen, Honorable Mention decorated pumpkin, and many 4-H green participation ribbons for the 4-H Cloverbud Crafts.

Holly Thornburg, age 7, received 1st Place Belted Galloway heifer, 4th Place Buff Orpington, 6th place Dominique Hen, 3rd place decorated pumpkin, and many 4-H green participation ribbons for the 4-H Cloverbud Crafts.

Haddon Joyner won Grand Champion showing a sheep.

Lillian and Fairbanks Jackson showed in four sheep categories each. Lillian received a 3rd place and Fairbanks received a 2nd Place.

Franklin County 4-H @ NC State Fair

Natalie Perry

Wyatt Sampson showed a belted Galloway and received 2nd place in the All Other Breeds category.

Lily Chadwick entered her chicken Newton and won 1st place for her breed and black polish.  She entered a poster in the poultry poster contest. She also showed a belted Galloway in the breed category and won 3rd place. She showed in her sire group and won 1st place.

Natalie Perry won 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in the Open Beef Belted Galloway show. She also won 1st place ribbon in the five pounds or less decorated pumpkin competition.

Caleb Davis showed a Belted Galloway and won 1st place in one class and received Champion Heifer.

Teorah Snelling-Won 1st place with her quilt that she made at a 4-H summer fun program.

Other youth that participated in the 4-H craft division included: Ayden Wyatt, Addie Pearce, Jenna Andrews, Emily Gilliam, Sabrina Odom, Tia Iversen, Alyssa McDowell, Rebakah Mcphetridge, Georgia Plascencia, Jack Davis, Connor Horton, Mazie Bunn, Sarah Kenny, Zachary Smith, Ellie Wilkins, Jackson Gupton, Megan and Abigail King, Elizabeth Reece, Natalia and Daniela Dominguez, Carter and Sydney Byrum.

4-H’ers not listed above that also showed livestock included: Heidi and Hope Latta, James Hinton, Cody and Paige O’Neal, Mazie Bunn, Abigail, Grayson, and Laithan Blankenship, Landon Amarin, Rayn Farrell, Hayden Yeargin, Weslyn Pendergraft, Andre King, Nicholas Vasquez, Natalia and Daniela Dominguez, Hannah Haley, Jonathan Hopkins, Taylor Whitley, Layton Perry, Abigail and Ethan Graham, Ian Nemitz, Sage and Jake Moore, Madison Pippin, Bethany Allen, Aslan and Sheperd Joyner, and Ella and Luke Pendergrass.

We are proud of all the Franklin County 4-H’ers accomplishments. Way to go!