Gardening: Cold Snap Precaution Yields Pretty Spring Plantings

April 2016

This month, we welcome a new columnist to the Rolesville Buzz family!

Pam Eagles, Wake County Extension Master Gardener

In my Rolesville garden, I have hosta in the ground and in container gardens. With local temperatures soaring over the past weeks, hosta have begun to emerge in the containers. Our problems come when cold weather visits our area again.

HostaWe are entering spring in our North Carolina zone 7b gardens, but cold snaps are a possibility through mid-April. When the forecast is 40 degrees or below, cover those newly emerging plants. Tender new growth can be burned back during cold, and covering will ward off some damage. Use a towel or sheet to cover plants you are concerned about in a larger area. A bucket, laundry basket or empty nursery pot can successfully protect a small area or single plant. Remove your plant protector once the sun is up and warming your garden. Use plastic as a final option for protection; the sun will heat the plastic-covered area quickly and can easily destroy your emerging spring plants.

Plant sales: Early spring plant sales will be popping up locally. Watch for newspaper announcements and streetside signs. Rolesville High School will hold its annual sale on April 9. The Community Gardeners of Rolesville be at the Rolesville Farmers Market on April 30 with annuals, perennials and a selection of garden-appropriate concrete statuary. Wake County Extension Master Gardeners will also be at the Rolesville Farmers Market on April 30 with soil sample kits and answers to your gardening questions.

Gardeners, spring is coming, so it’s time to start digging!

Pam Eagles is president and founding member of the Community Gardeners of Rolesville Garden Club. She lives in Rolesville, where she gardens with three dogs and a cat.