Gardening: Public Gardens – Local

Pam Eagles, Wake County Extension Master Gardener • September 2017

Hi, gardeners! The year has zipped by. September is already winding down, and cooler weather will be here before we know.

Do you ever visit Main Street Park in Rolesville? If you have young children, you may go and visit the two great play areas. Swings and climbing structures abound, and on pretty days, the shrill, thrilled screams and laughter of children fill the air. You might leash up your dog and go for a walk on the trails that stretch for more than a mile through the park. Bag stations are located along the trails in the event a pit stop is necessary for your pet. You might enjoy the birds singing and the occasional deer running through as you look for native plants on granite outcroppings or beneath the beautiful tree canopy. And how about checking out the deer- and rabbit-resistant garden? Interested now?

The Community Gardeners of Rolesville garden club has adopted an Eagle Scout project from several years ago and transformed it into a garden for park visitors to enjoy. The former Frog Pond was beginning to succumb to time and the elements. The Town of Rolesville and the garden club studied, sampled and formed a plan of revitalization of the site.

Gardening: Frog Pond

Unplanted frog pond.

Gardening: Frog Pond

Plants emerging in the frog pond.

Gardening: Frog Pond

Additional frog pond plants.
Photos by Pam Eagles

After a couple of years of planning – and, of course, a soil sample and the additions of missing soil nutrients – the Frog Pond garden was ready for the introduction of plants. We chose plants that deer and rabbits do not readily eat. We all know no plant is truly resistant to those park residents, but some plants are not their first choice, so we chose those. We planted bulbs, shrubs and perennials during November 2016 – because fall is the best time for planting here in zone 7B so our plants have a less stressful time establishing. Sunlight needs of the plants also had to be considered because this garden is under a tree canopy with varied sun during the day. Plants include iris, buttercups, butterfly bush, ligularia, sedge, gardenia, narcissus, spiderwort, hellebore, ginger, holly fern, native fern, cranesbill, solomon’s seal, pachysandra, heavenly bamboo (nandina), canna lily, calla lily and anise.

Even with the garden club, no garden is ever complete. You will see us out there weeding, spreading mulch, and introducing and replacing plants. Look forward to signage telling you which plant is what, too. If this type of project appeals to you, or if just hanging out with a group of gardeners is something you would be interested in, please consider joining your local garden club.

Another project worth mentioning is the Veterans Memorial project. The garden club is raising money to elevate our Rolesville Veterans Memorial to a Blue Star Memorial. Once complete, the memorial will offer seating, additional memorial information and expansive gardens. Look for the Community Gardeners of Rolesville at the Rolesville Fall FunFest with information on how you can be involved in this project. It is a wonderful way to honor and support the service of our military men and women.

Fall is the time to plant pansies and mums. They are available all around now. Put a pop of fall in your landscape.

Happy digging!

Pam Eagles is President and founding member of the Community Gardeners of Rolesville Garden Club. She lives in Rolesville where she gardens with 3 dogs and a cat.