Godfrey Graduates from AOMP

— December 2016

Patrol Sgt. Lee Godfrey

Patrol Sgt. Lee Godfrey

Patrol Sgt. Lee Godfrey graduated from NC State University’s Administrative Officers Management Program (AOMP) on Nov. 10. He was one of 24 graduates representing 19 agencies from across North Carolina and Virginia.

The AOMP is a unique educational program for law enforcement professionals. Three times a year (Spring, Summer, and Fall), a class of as many as 30 participants attends the NC State Highway Patrol Training Academy, in Raleigh, NC, for an intensive 12-week academic program during which they earn 15 college credits and a certificate of completion. Participants, who come from across the U.S. and international locations, are nominated by their department or agency.

Since its inception in 1989, the AOMP has graduated over 2,000 officers representing 140 agencies from 13 states, the federal government, and three foreign countries. The five courses that comprise the program are Applied Police Research, Legal Issues in Police Administration, Introduction to Public Administration, Management Skills and Practices, and Management of Police Organizational Behavior.

AOMP is a partnership that brings together the theoretical perspective of the faculty and the practical experience of police officers in an effort to produce the effective and efficient public management techniques that are demanded in these increasingly complex times. In this partnership, the most up-to-date research in management and leadership is always placed in the context faced by law enforcement administrators. This “theory into practice” perspective is designed to give participants the opportunity to make meaningful change in their organizations.

A 28-year law enforcement veteran, Sgt. Godfrey is the twelfth Wake Forest Police Officer to graduate from AOMP.

In 2005 he received an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the NC Criminal Justice Standards Division. Three years later he graduated from Vance-Granville Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice. A 2012 graduate of the NC Justice Academy’s Criminal Investigation Certification Program, Sgt. Godfrey currently serves as Past President of the North Carolina Property and Evidence Association Board of Directors.