Great Holiday Gifts for Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts

— December 2016

Outdoors gifts(StatePoint) Will you be shopping for any hunters or outdoor enthusiasts this holiday season? Thoughtful, useful gifts will be well-appreciated.

“When it comes to hunters, think lightweight and packable,” says Louis Chalfant, director of product development at Smith’s Consumer Products.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Sharpen their Game

Those who hunt, fish and go on outdoor expeditions know just how important it is to keep tools sharp. You can hone gamesmanship with essential gear like a knife sharpener.

For instance, a versatile tool like the Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener is quick, safe and easy to use whether one is in the field, back at camp, or at home. It functions both to set the edge on a dull or damaged blade and to achieve razor sharpness. Plus, the scissors sharpening slot is large enough to accommodate game shears as well.

Lightweight enough to be a stocking stuffer, consider, the 4” Diamond Combination Bench Stone, which features coarse and fine grit sharpening surfaces. Its innovative design speeds sharpening by collecting and holding the metal filings which ordinarily build up during use. Each stone has a groove for fish hooks or pointed tools, and when one is finished sharpening; he or she can store the stones in the handle for safekeeping.

These tools are available at various sporting goods, outdoors and hardware retail stores, as well as online at

Get them Prepared

Those whose adventures take them off the beaten path need certain lightweight, compact tools to be prepared for a variety of situations. A fire starter is a must-have for any avid outdoorsman, hunter or backpacker.

Other handy items to consider for gifts are a high-quality first aid kit with all the essentials, a multifunctional pocket knife or even an IOU promising to cover the cost of this seasons’ hunting and fishing licenses.

With some careful consideration, you can make the holidays special for the hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in your life.