Langston Family Trust Account

Town of RolesvilleFrom the Town of Rolesville

Dear Residents,

Let us first say that the Town of Rolesville Mayor, Board of Commissioners, and staff cannot thank all of you enough for taking the time to express your condolences and prayers in the loss of Police Chief Bobby Langston. This is very close-knit caring community and unfortunate incidents like this show how strong we are.

Many of you have inquired of how you can help out more. To assist with that, we have set up the Langston Family Trust Account with the State Employees Credit Union. The purpose of this account is to assist the Chief’s family with these unforeseen funeral costs, special needs, and even educational expenses with the Langston children.

Many of you have asked how you can be of assistance and this is it. Let’s all come together and do all we can do to help our fellow citizens out. We can make a bright spot come out of the dark regrettable event. If you are so willing and able to donate to this trust account, stop by or call your local State Employee Credit Union Branch and they can assist you in helping the Langston family in this time of need.

The Town of Rolesville thanks you in advance for your heart-felt expression no matter how small or how large.

Bryan Hicks, Town Manager – Town of Rolesville