Miracle Fling in the Spring

May 2016

Miracle Fling in the Spring - 4-H Dirt Club

Heidi Latta, Holly Thornburg
and Christopher Thomas

By Meg Wyatt
Franklin County 4-H Agent

The Franklin County 4-H Dirt Club hosted their 2nd Annual Miracle Fling in the Spring event on Sunday, April 24th at Ray Family Farms. This event was designed for “Cows Helping Kids”. This event is geared toward youth with special needs to be paired up with a barn buddy who is a member of the 4-H club, and they will work together to show a cow in the show ring.  The Barn Buddy from the club has had previous experience with showing cows.

Miracle Fling in the Spring - 4-H Dirt Club

Weslyn Pendergraft, Aidan Medlin
and Taylor Whitley

The Franklin County 4-H Dirt Club is led by Chad and Jodi Ray owner and operator of Ray Family Farms and their club has 85 members. Not all members are involved in the cow showing portion, but many that have other interest such as bees, gardening, and agriculture were present to show their support and help where help was needed.

It is an amazing sight to witness not only the special needs youth participating in something new, but the reactions from the club members as well that were a part of this exciting experience.  In 4-H, we as educators and leaders constantly try to instill in our youth that it’s not about the ribbons and medals but it’s the people you meet along the way, the experiences you get to have, and the life skills you are building to become a well-rounded person.

Miracle Fling in the Spring - 4-H Dirt Club

Ryan Ferrell and Dominick Hammach

There were over 20 special needs youth that were partnered with a barn buddy to learn about cows and have the chance to brush, lead, and show a cow.  Every youth that participated in this event gained something from this experience and went home with a smile on their face. Some of the participants’ parents had wonderful comments to share.

We are proud of all those that participated whether it was their first time seeing and touching a cow or if they were 4-H club members helping out. This was a great experience for all involved. We look forward to more great work from all of these youth.


Photos courtesy of Franklin County 4-H Dirt Club