O’s Commentary – February 2016

It’s in His Kiss

By O Morris

Remember your first kiss?

O. Morris - O's CommentaryI can say without a doubt mine is one of my fondest memories. He grabbed me up into his arms, tilted my head gently to one side, and a soft wet kiss was placed on my lips. He held me powerfully around the waist, then loosened his grip and simply touched the small of my back. My legs buckled, the feeling almost impossible to explain.

And what sticks out in my mind even more is that before I could recover from what had just happened, he did it again. This time my toes curled, and he put a move on my heart. It was magic, it was gratification to a part of my sensual self I was yet to discover and it became one of my most vivid and most potent memories. I can close my eyes right now and remember every superb, glorious second.

So here we are, Valentine’s Day fast approaching. The day set aside to let your sweetie know how much you adore them. Having said that, I ask:  how often do you kiss them?

No, I don’t mean the obligatory peck on the cheek or lips you instinctively give your grandma. I’m talking the kind of kissing you practiced on your arm. Don’t try and say you never did that when you were younger because I know you did.

I know because kissing is the cross-cultural foundation of romantic relationships. My goodness, it has been throughout the ages. It’s a fundamental expression of desire, intimacy, adoration and passion for one’s romantic partner. Most importantly, kissing helps you feel the connection; yet as a relationship goes on, kissing often dwindles.

For some, the thought of kissing your spouse sounds exciting, while for others it doesn’t seem all that important. Some may have even forgotten what such a kiss is like anymore. Shame, but true.

So for all those who don’t remember, please allow me to remind you. Kissing is pure pleasure, pure magic and a gift from the universe. The oral zone is one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Kissing shows your true feelings. Two souls become one.

All couples will tell you they “pleasure kissed” frequently in the early stages of their relationship. Now, ladies complain they get kissed only so it can lead to “something else.”

Well, I hate to break it to you, fellas, but kissing is more intimate than that “something else.” As a matter of fact, for most women that “something else” doesn’t even show up if there’s no “pleasure kissing.”

me pose this question: If you could gain a closer connection in your relationship simply by making a choice to kiss more expecting nothing, would you do it?

You really should, and I’ll tell you why. A lot of men see kissing as a means to an end and not the actual act itself. Big mistake. Because women see kissing as the ultimate intimate act. The intimate act men used to give them. Right along with holding hands and rubbing your back. Those dynamics don’t disappear for females, I assure you.

Kissing builds an emotional attachment that makes that person feel extremely special to you. Without it, a lot of that attachment just disappears.

So, if you’re giving your wife a daily peck on the lips as you leave for work, and you wonder why she looks at you sincerely disappointed, it just might be that peck.

Funny, you weren’t doing that when you were playing the game of securing her as the woman in your life. That little peck would have gotten you nowhere, and you know it.

This year, I ask you to think about kissing differently. Think of it as a gift for the both of you.

Now, I absolutely agree there are many ways to show your partner your love this Valentine’s Day. But please let me assure you kissing passionately is one of the most important ways. It’s wonderful. It’s romantic. It’s irresistible.

Amazing, isn’t it? If you feel the romance is dying in your union, you can very easily rekindle that spark with kissing. It will take you back to those days when you longed to be in each other’s presence.

Think about it. When you stroke your dog, you can immediately tell how important the touch of a human is to them. You continue to stroke them because you know it gives your canine friend great pleasure. Their appreciation for all that petting and rubbing is shown in many ways, so you do it more and more. You do all this expecting nothing. But what do you actually get?


ALL MY BEST ……………. O