O’s Commentary Time for the Holiday fighting! Ready Set Go!

Written by O Morris


Dear O,

My husband and I have been arguing since Halloween. First, he bought the wrong type of sweets for trick or treat. He wanted to give out loose handfuls of candy corn. Not happening, but he had a fit when I told him he had to return it and buy wrapped candy. Next came Thanksgiving and the argument over how to prepare the turkey. Mind you, he didn’t want to cook it himself, he just wanted to tell ME how to do it. Now that Christmas is around the corner, here comes another round of arguments. He acknowledges all the misunderstandings have been initiated by him, and then just gives this pitiful look. Why is it so hard for men to say “I’m sorry?”


Dear Patty,

Because it would be a lie! They are not sorry. Whatever they did or said, they did or said on purpose. They wanted to do it. So why lie and say you’re sorry when you’re not. The problem here is not that men won’t say they’re sorry; the problem is that women should really stop expecting and demanding to be lied to. OK, before you torch my house and start sending hate mail – I’M KIDDING! Holy lighten up, Batman!

Actually, I’ve found that men apologize in a different way than most women. To them it’s much more difficult to say the words “I’m sorry,” so they show attrition in deeds. Men buying peace offerings like flowers, jewelry and the entire Olivia Pope Scandal Collection clothing line is a sincere show of remorse. Women need to realize their men are apologizing with special deeds even when no words of apology were spoken.

Dear O,

I would love to know what you think about the Christmas season. Seems like I’ve read that you don’t care much for the holiday.


The North Pole

Dear Rudolph,

My goodness! This paper has a wider circulation than I thought. Rudolph darling, it’s not that I don’t like Christmas. On the contrary, I love the season’s true meaning. It just seems that while we’re knee deep in wrapping paper we forget that the celebration is not really about the birth of Santa Claus.

Neither is it about that very special time of the year when we join with loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions like trying to find a parking space at the mall. And let’s not forget looking at the calendar with pure dread as you realize you would rather be attacked by a pack of wild dogs than face this yearly horror: the unpleasant side of the joyous season that will predictably have you trapped in the bowels of hell praying for an escape route. The most gruesome, agonizing, infamous holiday tradition ever created by mankind. Yes! I’m talking about the annual company Christmas party. The yearly big event your spouse feels obligated to drag you to every single year because they don’t want to be labeled by their colleagues and associates as antisocial.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had stomach cramps I’ve enjoyed better. One false move and you could be water cooler gossip for months to come, and some participants even have to look for a new job the next day.

Other than those particular things, lol, Happy Holidays!

Dear O,

I’m 28 and I’ve been living with my child’s father for nine years. He knows I want to get married. I have made it quite clear to him in many words and conversations. I’m even confused over what to call him when I have to introduce him to people. He knows that my family gives me nothing but grief for living with him so long and not being married, and I can’t even tell you about what my girlfriends are saying. He is well aware of what they all think, but still he has never even mentioned marriage as a possibility. I optimistically think that as long as we are alive, there’s a chance there could be a wedding. I’m even expecting an engagement ring for Christmas. Am I being delusional?

Penny Lover

Dear Penny,


Season’s greetings! May the true holiday spirit be with you all. Want to feel the real meaning of the holiday season? Smile at a stranger who doesn’t look like you. Wave good morning to a neighbor, even if you never have before. Give everyone that crosses your path the perfect gift this season. Give Love.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful letters. Please keep them coming. Write to me… o.morris@rolesvillebuzz.com