O’s Commentary

Does What I Wear Really Matter?

Dear O,

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I was disrespected by a man in a neighborhood grocery store because I was wearing short shorts. When I protested, he had the nerve to tell me to shut up. Yes, my shorts were very revealing, but so what? To me, his reaction was totally uncalled for. Don’t you think a woman should be allowed to wear whatever she wants?


Dear Daisy,

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I am no minister, so I am not going to preach. You have the right to celebrate your body and wear whatever you want. But understand every action we take has a consequence. Even down to the action of picking the clothes we wear.

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Someone has taught you that love is attention. It isn’t. No shade, I promise. We all have gone through this stage at one point. But you are a grown woman now. When does awareness of yourself kick in? Don’t get mad because you got the kind of attention your short shorts were calling for.

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You have to develop a better understanding of the importance of clothing. It defines your image to the outside world.  I sincerely hope you have a revolution of the mind, and come to understand the power and greatness in your DNA.  There is no need to show off your assets by putting them on public display.

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Sorry, Daisy. While I do think that man was wrong, I don’t actually see you as a victim here. You can’t be angry when someone treats you the way you project yourself. You have to be held accountable for your bad choices. Think about maybe throwing away those barely there shorts, and replacing them with something more appropriate.

There is a big difference between “shut up” and “good morning.”  It’s a man’s job to respect a woman, but it’s a woman’s job to give him something to respect.

Dear O,

My fiancé and I are both allergic to dogs and cats, so he’s decided he would like to buy me a pet pig for Valentine’s Day. Now, they’re really cute and I want him to be happy, but I’ve spent years renovating my house and I don’t really want a pig running around. What should I do?


Dear Arnold,

OK, I have to ask: Who does all the cleaning up at your house? Because, while people do have pigs as pets, generally they are Hollywood people who have a staff of 3.5 people living in their house to clean up stuff. If YOU are the staff, I wouldn’t let him get the pig.

I mean, seriously, do you want to be picking up pig droppings? I suggest you be honest with your fiancé. Even if he says HE will be the one responsible for it, you and I both know that in the long run the cleanup crew will be you.

Dear O,

I recently joined a dating site and my boss found me. He “liked” all my photos, so I think he must really be into me. My question is, do you think I should ask him out? Valentine’s Day is coming and I don’t have a date. He’s 45 and I’m 21.

Lucky Girl

Dear Lucky,

If you are asking me, I have to say NO!

Young lady, for the love of humanity, what do you want with this old man? I mean, honestly, there are probably multiple ex-women, possibly an ex-wife, and children and a lot of baggage. Realistically, he might even still have a wife.

My point is, a 45-year-old man’s life is way too complicated for a young vibrant girl like you. There is nothing a 45-year-old man wants from a 21-year-old woman but a good time, and then he’ll just leave you on the side of the road. Not to mention, this man is your boss and a relationship with him could cost you your job.

Leave that man alone and ignore your ‘liked’ photos.

Dear O,

I’ve been dating this man, and he is a health food fanatic. We recently went to the movies, and I got a hot dog and some popcorn, but he sneaked in cucumber slices. I’ve been dating him for two months, but because of his disapproving looks, I’m wondering if this is a deal breaker. I love fried everything.

Hate Lettuce

Dear Hate Lettuce.

It would be a deal breaker for me. We don’t need some mean guy policing what we eat.

No man should be able to tell you what to put in your mouth.

My advice is, tell him goodbye, then soothe yourself with a large order of french fries.