RHS Class of 2016 Student Spotlight – Nathaniel (Nate) Bettinghaus

September 2015

By Andrew Canino • andrew.canino@rolesvillebuzz.com

Spotlight-Pic 1Nathaniel (Nate) Bettinghaus

Hobbies / Interests:  “I don’t know, really! I have a job doing yard work, but that’s not really what I do for fun. … I like to swim on the swim team, and I like running. I ran cross country and spring track last year, and I swim every year at Rolesville High School.”

Plans After Graduation:  “Actually, I signed my apprenticeship certificate for a commercial ventilation plant this past August 5th. Last December, an NC Center for Afterschool Programs (NC CAP) representative came to the school, and I had a tour of a commercial ventilation plant. After filling out a sort-of-resume, they selected me and two other kids to actually work at the plant this summer.

“For my senior year of high school, I’m going to go to school for half of the day and then go to work for the other half of the day. After I graduate, I’ll be signed on to work at the plant for at least another three years, where I’ll be working at the plant four days a week and going to school one day a week. After the three years, I’ll have an Associate’s Degree from Wake Tech (Community College) in a form of Mechanical Engineering.”

Long Term Goals:  “After I finish high school I’m guaranteed a job at this plant, if I choose to take it.”

Any people or things that have had a major influence in your life:  “Not exactly … some kids always talk about how they always have that dream to be a doctor, or a firefighter, or a pilot …  but, throughout my life I never had an aspiration to be something specific. I just thought I’d wait for the opportunity to present itself. So, an opportunity presented itself, and I took it.”