RHS Class of 2016 Student Spotlight – Emmanuel Spencer

May 2016

By Andrew Canino

Emmanuel Spencer

Emmanuel Spencer
Photo by Andrew Canino

Emmanuel Spencer

Hobbies / Interests? “I like to do a lot of music production. I work on a lot of my own projects at home. I use Logic Pro and FL Studio. I make beats, and mix songs, do recording and write music. This year, I’ve gotten a lot into video. I’ve been doing short films and promotional videos for other people and their businesses. I actually did a music video promotion for a dog grooming service named Dirty Dogs.”

Plans After Graduation? “I’m planning on going to community college and going to Wake Tech for two years. Hopefully after two years I’m going to transfer to Full Sail University to major in music production.”

Long-Term Goals? “I do plan to start my own record label after I have my degree. I also would love to get out my own personal project, like a single or an EP. I post my music on SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/manni-muzik, and my personal website is www.mmenter.weebly.com.”

People or Things That Have Had Major Influences in Your Life? “Oh, plenty! My mother is actually a gospel recording artist, and she has her own CD out. She’s been doing music since I was born, so music has been in the house for a long time. When I was around 6, me and two brothers and two cousins started up a group called the ‘Gospel Temptations,’ We toured around churches, and we were in the newspaper. I couldn’t even snap, but we were in good rhythm! So that just shows that music has been in my life for a very long time.”