RHS Class of 2016 Student Spotlight – Greg Bargeman

November 2015

By Andrew Canino

Greg BargemanGreg Bargeman

Hobbies / Interests? “Now that I’m a senior, I have to focus on taking the next step in life and getting ready for college. I also want to play football for a college somewhere. A few schools that cross my mind are Campbell University, University of Charlotte and (UNC) Pembroke.”

Plans After Graduation? “It’s always crossed my mind to be an automotive engineer or an entrepreneur. But I don’t know, because I hear in college that people often change their major at least once, so I’m not totally sure.”

Long-Term Goals? “Everybody’s journey is different, but I’d like to see myself being successful in the long term. It really just depends on how I’ll be able handle any given situation in the future.”

Any people or things that have had a major influence in your life? “Of course, my parents, they’ve always encouraged me to keep my head up. Especially last year during football season … we didn’t have a great season; it was kind of rough. This year, we’re doing better, but we still have things we can improve upon.

“Also, somebody I met a few years back, James Payne, has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about a lot of things. Not even just with football, but he’s helped me with lots of life decisions, too.”

Photo by Andrew Canino