RHS Class of 2016 Student Spotlight – Lennox Ward

March 2016

By Andrew Canino

RHS Class of 2016 - Lennox Ward

Lennox Ward
Photo by Andrew Canino

Lennox Ward

Hobbies / Interests?  “I just recently picked up a job. After school last year, I used to be involved in track and field; I used to be the captain of the team. I’m senior vice president right now. I just like using my time to be proactive and get myself ahead.”

Plans After Graduation? “This June I plan to go to school for nursing. I’ve been accepted to ECU, Campbell and A&T. I’m leaning toward ECU, but I want to graduate and be certified in nursing.”

Long-Term Goals? “I want to have a decent job paying decent money. I don’t want to struggle with money – that’s a really big fear of mine. I plan to have my own place, and I also want to own a car. I don’t know why, but I really want a Corvette – it’s my dream car. I also want to live somewhere cold; I really like the cold weather.”

People or Things That Have Had a Major Influence in Your Life? “A large portion of my motivation to become a nurse comes from my older brother. He kind of went through high school not really doing much with his high school career. He was the one who really pushed me forward to motivate me. He always told me, ‘High school isn’t hard. You just can’t fool around.’ ”