RHS Class of 2016 Student Spotlight – Oluwatoke “Toke” Lojedo

April 2016

By Andrew Canino

Toke LojedoOluwatoke “Toke” Lojedo

Hobbies / Interests? “To be honest, I really like watching a lot of Netflix! But besides Netflix, I like to take part in my church. I’m part of the choir at my church. I also like to take part in my community. Right now, we do a lot of outreach where we go downtown and distribute food and help the less fortunate.

Plans After Graduation? “After graduation I plan on attending East Carolina University. One thing that made me want to go is that it’s a pretty good distance away from home. Another reason I wanted to go to ECU is because they have a good science program and I want to major in chemistry.”

Long-Term Goals? “I’d like to see myself working as a pharmacist in a hospital. I’d also like to have my doctorate in pharmacy as well.”

People or Things That Have Had a Major Influence in Your Life? “I have an aunt who is a pharmacist who lives in Florida, so she sort of influenced me to go in that direction. Also, my parents also always wanted me to go into the medical profession. I chose pharmacy because it always seemed cool to me.”

Photo by Andrew Canino