Rogers Road Update: New Businesses Mean More Traffic

With the opening of the new Publix, traffic has increased. However, the Town of Wake Forest and the grocery store are prepared for the changes.

Operation Bridge ExchangeKim Reynolds, Publix Media and Community Relations Manager, says the company understands the bridge enhancement is necessary and ultimately will help the area.

“We are flexible and adapting to the situation. It was just bad timing, but it will be OK,” Reynolds said.

The Wake Forest Police Department is working off-duty through an agreement with the shopping center, according to Bill Crabtree, Wake Forest Communications & Public Affairs Director.

“Off-duty officers are scheduled to direct traffic Monday through Friday from 2-6 p.m. at the request of both Publix and the shopping center management,” stated Crabtree. “Publix paid for the off-duty officers for a few days after their Grand Opening but later requested officers to be there Monday through Friday afternoons to help with the afternoon traffic until the opening of the Rogers Road bridge in November. The management company agreed to pay for the officers through this time.”

Although the officers are considered “off-duty” they will have the same authority as if they were working regularly scheduled hours for the town.

The Publix store manager, Chris Hogue, is happy to have the police assistance, especially during peak hours.

“The bridge work may hinder traffic into the store for now, but we had a great grand opening, and we may even have another after the bridge is complete,” Hogue said.

— Lisa Brown • • October 2016