Rolesville Elementary Participates in First in Fitness

May 2016

RES Fitness

RES students happily display their ribbons from the competition.
Photos by Brooke Davidson

On Thursday, March 17, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Rolesville Elementary competed in the First in Fitness competition at Southeast Raleigh High School and placed ninth out of 23 schools.

Students competed in fitness tests such as the mile run, speed rope, standing long jump, pull-ups, shuttle run, 100-yard dash and triathlon. The students were accompanied on the trip by Meredith M. Barringer, physical education teacher; Brooke Davidson, teacher assistant; and some of the students’ parents.

“Each student that participated was the top boy and girl in their fitness event category from our school,” Barringer said, “and they competed with the top students from other schools in their grade level. So all competitors are first in fitness.”

Second-grade placements: Moiya Sharp, third place, pull-ups. Joshua Carr, third, 100-yard dash. Andrew Chen, fourth, speed rope. Kennedy Lyerly, fifth, standing long jump.

Third-grade placements: Ricky Tawagon, first, shuttle run. Maleigh Dawson, third pullups. Elijah Johnson, fourth, speed rope. Teyana Rogers, fourth, standing long jump. Meredith Wilkins, fourth, 100-yard dash.

Fourth-grade placements: Sieun Lee, third, speed rope. Leila Haynesworth, third, standing long jump. Tristian Pretlow, fifth, standing long jump.

Fifth-grade placements: Michael Keleher, fifth, mile run. Jason Okoro, second, standing long jump. Roman Burton, fourth, pull-ups. Kendall Wilson, fourth, shuttle run.

RES Fitness

1st row (2nd grade): Kennedy Lyerly, Andrew Chen, Moiya Sharpe, Emma Workowski, Sydney Mason, Aigereanna Davis, Titus Schmoyer, Thomas Clayton, Joshua Carr, Christian Peart, Bryanna Diamond, Kaleb Dixon.
2nd row (3rd grade): Meredith Wilkins, Sanaa Clark, Teyana Rogers, Brenn Malloy, Ricky Tawagon, Kelcy Simmons, Katelyn Bell, Maleigh Dawson, Dylan Crow, Elijah Johnson, Aiden Gasca , Chidi Chukwunyere, and Coach Meredith Barringer.
3rd row (4th grade): Kaliyah Cofield, Tyren Wilson, Landon Hall, Maksive Gao, Lane Davis, Tristian Pretlow, Kate Dawson, Sieun Lee, Taylor Norris, Leila Haynesworth, Makayla Anderson Hodge, Michael Anderson Hodge.
4th row (fifth grade): Hope Nsiambote, Kendall Wilson, Michael Keleher, Nicholas Gilmore, Jason Okoro, Brody Price, Roman Burton, Jr, Pastrana Candela, Elizabeth Duah-Mensah, Skylah Peterson, Phoenix Jones, Aimaya Mason, Camryn Murray, Kayla Caulk.