Rolesville Elementary Places 3rd in Fitness Event

— May 2017

Rolesville Elementary students in 2nd through 5th grades competed in Northern Wake County First in Fitness on March 22, and came in 3rd place (1 point away from tying for 2nd place).  Events consisted of the mile run, the 100-yard dash, the shuttle run, pull-ups, 1-minute speed rope, the standing long jump and a triathlon for 5th grade. Students who participated came in first in the event they competed in among their grade level.

Coach Meredith Barringer said, “It was an action-packed day full of fun!”

The competition took place at Southeast Raleigh High School.

Rolesville Elementary School Fitness

Photo by Melanie Dawson

Front Row, 2nd Grade: Sanaia Spaulding (4th shuttle run), Logan DeLaurentis (3rd pull-ups), Hanna Lee, Natalie Wilson, Tanner Treece, Lyardia Dawson (5th mile run), Sadie Duval, Leah Siagyi (5th pull-ups), Matthew Snowden, Wyatt Feinman (4th long jump), Nolan Springer, Jonathan Flores.

2nd Row, 3rd Grade: Calvin Danley (4th speed rope), Thomas Clayton (2nd pullups), Nhan Nguyen, Joshua Carr, Donovan Pullins, Syardney Mason, Moiya Sharpe (1st 100 yard dash, Kennedy Lyerly, Cooper Closson (4th long jump), Aigereanna Davis (2nd mile), Lauren Lewis, not pictures: Hannah Anand.

3rd Row, 4th Grade: Maleigh Dawson (1st place pull-ups), Dylan Crow, Erin Mountain, Teyanna Rogers (2nd 100 yard dash), Sakiyah Clark, Chidi Chukwunyere, Weston Hughes (5th speed rope), McKenna Elcock, Kelcey Simmons (1st place shuttle run) Jonothan Dunn (3rd place 100 yard dash), Brody Walston, Ricky Tawagon.

4th Row, 5th Grade: Kate Dawson (5th triathlon), Leila Haynesworth (2nd long jump), Landon Hall, Cassius Danley, Leo Aleman (4th shuttle run), Kaliyah Cofield, Mackenzie McAdoo, Jonathan Workowski, William Clayton (3rd pull-ups), Lane Davis, Tristian Pretlow, Bella Lytle, Jasmine Nalls (5th 100 yard dash)