Rolesville Elementary Renovation Update

— Shannon T. Zarb • February 2017

Phase 1: Gymnasium renovation completed

Rolesville Elementary School - Phase 1

Excited students tour the new addition to their school.
Photos by Shannon T. Zarb

Students at Rolesville Elementary finally got the chance to see what all the noise has been about as the first of three renovation projects was unveiled on January 17.

There were plenty of “ooos” and “aahhs” as Principal Dana Primiano welcomed wide-eyed students to the addition complete with brand-new gymnasium, cafeteria and art and music rooms.

“I’m so excited that we’re finally in one building,” the principal said. “There’s none of this back and forth between buildings with students often needing keys. It’s exciting, but it’s obviously much safer for the kids too.”

The gymnasium demolition and rebuild was the first of a three-phase renovation project for Rolesville Elementary. Funded by a 2013 Capital Improvement Plan, phase one of the project included the gymnasium remodel, a loading dock and bus loop improvements. Now that these projects are complete work, has begun on phase two, which includes a two-story classroom addition on the right side of campus to replace the old cafeteria. Phase three will tie the two new additions together with a full remodel of the main building.

“These improvements have been a long time coming,” Area Facilities Manager Anthony Zarb said, “The buildings were not only outdated but it’s been increasingly difficult to repair and get parts to maintain them. The new buildings are state of the art and more efficient, but overall they are much safer for students and staff.”

If everything goes smoothly the entire renovation should be completed for the start of the 2017–2018 school year.

Rolesville Elementary School - Phase 1

The new bus loop and gymnasium were the first of three renovation projects for Rolesville Elementary.

Rolesville Elementary School - Phase 1

The recently renovated gymnasium and stage of Rolesville Elementary mark the completion of phase 1 of the construction.