Rolesville Food Lion undergoing renovations

By Lisa Brown
May 2015

Food Lion - Rolesville

The Food Lion store #3317 will see big changes ~ Photo by Lisa Brown

The Rolesville Food Lion was chosen as one of the first stores in the area to undergo changes to improve and enhance the customer’s experience and bring more variety to the shelves. The renovation began just a few months ago and is nearly complete.

There are 160 Food Lion stores in the greater Raleigh area that are undergoing renovations in hopes of luring customers with a customer-centered focus, low prices and easy shopping.

The grocery store market in North Carolina is competitive and, with the remodels, the Salisbury-based Food Lion hopes to get a strong footing and keep customers first and foremost in the process. Making the shopping experience easy including having grab-and-go items prevalent and plentiful is part of the plan. All of the changes are based on customer feedback.

Rolesville Store Manager Kevin Green is excited for the changes and what they mean for the shopping experience. “We’re doing everything for the customer,” Green says. This includes a lower physical profile inside the store, so it’s easier for the customer to see throughout the store and to create a much brighter, open feel.

Additionally, produce tables are cooled to keep produce fresher, longer. There are new deli and dairy cases with more than 3,000 new items.

“This has been a complete remodel, and we’re nearly done with the construction in our store,” Green says.

Customers will find changes big and small, including more gluten free items added and blue plastic bags for cold and frozen items along with white bags for nonperishables. This will help customers easily identify their food, especially on hot summer days, so they can freeze or refrigerate items quickly.

The “My Essentials” label is undergoing a change as well. All store brand items will be transitioned to the Food Lion brand.

Food Lion is very careful about the foods they choose to put their name on and as a result offers a double money back guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied for any reason.

Kristal Johnson first noticed changes when her oldest daughter made a comment while they were shopping recently. Living in Rolesville just a month now, she finds Food Lion to be convenient and easy. “It’s definitely wide open, cleaner, and updated,” Johnson says. She, like other customers, is happy to see the changes being made to her store and looks forward to shopping in the future and seeing it when it’s complete.

Renovations at the Rolesville Food Lion should be complete in May, while the other stores in the area will be remodeled throughout the year and completed by October.  Customers can look forward to a grand re-opening celebration with a ribbon cutting and many promotions in the fall.

“The customers have been great through the all of this and we have just a few more weeks to go, “Green says. “It’s going to be very exciting.”