Rolesville Graduate Michael B. Fowler II Accepted to West Point

— Gabrielle Ryan • July 2017

Michael B. Fowler - From RHS to West Point Academy

Michael Fowler and his parents, Michael and Latishia,
on Michael’s graduation day.
Photo courtesy of The Fowler Family

Rolesville High School has a 2017 graduate to be particularly proud of: Michael B. Fowler II.

Fowler has been accepted to upstate New York’s West Point Academy after four years of hard work in the classroom and on the field. With credit to his parents for always pushing him to do well in school and to use wise judgement of who to hang out with, he graduated with summa cum laude honors.

Fowler was chosen to go to West Point as a reflection of his academic excellence and outstanding ability. He didn’t always know West Point was his dream school, but in his sophomore year, he received a letter from the academy suggesting that he apply to college there. After a tour of the campus, Fowler said knew that this school was for him.

“Old-fashioned, beautiful view” was how Fowler described the campus. Along enjoying the great view, he said he was already able to get a good sense of the campus. “Respect and leadership” were laced through the academy’s halls.

It wasn’t until Fowler visited West Point that he knew he wanted to be involved in the military. In fact, in the beginning, he didn’t want to at all. Fowler’s family has a long history of veterans who all enlisted. Although Fowler hadn’t shown much of an interest in military when he was younger, his parents – Michael (a veteran himself) and Latishia – said they believe he’s always had the qualities right for the military. The new graduate believes that “sky’s the limit” and to “strive to be the best you can be” – philosophies he says father taught him.

Fowler was also offered scholarships to Hampden-Sydney, Wingate, and other universities as time went on. But by that time, he knew West Point was the priority.

While at Rolesville, Fowler participated in sports such as football, baseball and wrestling. He was appointed to the RHS Football Leadership Council in 2015 and 2016 and was a member of the Harriet B. Webster Student Ambassador Program in Raleigh. He was a well-known member of the National Honor Society, as well as the reading and math clubs. Not only did he participate in sports and clubs, but he also completed 90 community service hours by volunteering at a food pantry, Rolesville High School, Heritage High School, the YMCA-Downtown Raleigh, Durham Rescue Mission, Raleigh’s South Wilmington Street Shelter and Raleigh Rescue Mission.

Michael B. Fowler - From RHS to West Point Academy

Rolesville High School Principal Dhedra Lassiter with Michael B. Fowler II following a presentation made in his honor at the June 6 Mayor and Town Board of Commissioners meeting.
Photo courtesy of the Town of Rolesville

“He is genuine and has a good heart. He is not swayed by outside forces. He does the right thing,” Rolesville High School principal Dhedra Lassiter said in describing what make makes Fowler stand out.

Fowler has had the “opportunity to learn in advanced classes, participate in athletics and contribute through clubs,” Lassiter said.

Fowler, his parents and Lassiter, when asked where they believe he will be in 10 years, gave similar answers. In 10 years, Fowler is seen to be in deep into his military career and getting his bachelor’s degree in computer science. Fowler himself said he hopes to complete 20 years or more in military service and then retire to go into cybersecurity.

Asked what one word describes how they feel about their son’s accomplishments, Fowler’s parents didn’t hesitate to say “proud.”

At the June 6 Mayor and Town Board of Commissioners meeting, Fowler was honored with a proclamation that highlighted his achievements.

When introducing his mother, Fowler said, “She’s the one who, if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get into West Point. She’s the one who made sure the application process stayed on track.”

He also introduced – with words of affection – his father, his sister, his niece, his godmother, his aunts, and his good family friends.

Mayor Frank Eagles wrapped up the presentation by saying, “Michael, we’re so proud of you. Thank you for what you’ve done and where you’re going and what you’re going to do.”

Fowler said he is nervous about his move to New York because he’ll be away from his family and friends, and his parents are, of course, nervous as well. His father said he understands his son and what he wants to do. His mother says she is “happy for different technology” to easily get in contact with him while he’s away.

The younger Fowler left on the road trip to New York at the end of June. R-Day is scheduled to begin at the academy on July 3, officially launching the new chapter in his life.