Rolesville High Freshmen Prepare With ‘Ram Camp’ Orientation

RAM camp pic 2

“Rambassadors” welcomed the incoming freshmen during orientation.

By Isabella F. Vigilante

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The huge banner over the front entrance to Rolesville High School read “WELCOME CLASS OF 2018” to greet rising freshmen passing through its doors for the very first time.

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Students in red Rolesville High T-shirts held up signs reading “Welcome to Ram Camp!” and lined up in formation to cheer on the incoming freshman class. The red-clad “Rambassadors” acted as liaisons for the incoming freshmen over the course of the two-day orientation period, July 30 and 31.

Jennifer Abrew, a rising junior and Rambassador, explained how she obtained one of the coveted volunteer positions.

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“They mentioned it last year on the morning announcements, and I thought it seemed like an interesting opportunity. I love volunteering,” said Abrew, who said her favorite aspect of the job is helping others.

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The welcoming spirit of Rolesville High School made itself known throughout the orientation, with faculty and staff giving accommodating pep talks during the parent information sessions.

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Assistant principal and 12th grade counselor Jeff Dolan spoke, urging parents to call or email him with any questions they may have about the upcoming school year.

The purpose of Ram Camp is to afford incoming freshmen the opportunity to receive their class schedules and tour the campus. They could also meet their future teachers and administrators, as well as other incoming freshmen who will be their classmates and friends for the next four years.

At lunch time on both days, hot dogs were grilled on-site and provided to the incoming freshmen, along with chips and drinks, in the cafeteria. They sat together at tables, eating, comparing schedules and getting acquainted. The lunch was courtesy of Dirty Dogs of Wake Forest, the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce, Rolesville State Farm agent Jeremy Dimmitt, Sandy Young of June Neri Financial and the Rolesville Buzz.

Young stated, “one minute we were preparing for lunch and then all of a sudden we were rushed by students. ‘Where did they all come from?’”

An air of excitement permeated the atmosphere, and the future Rolesville High School students discussed what they were most looking forward to about the upcoming school year, including some big changes on the horizon.

“I’m excited for the rules changing,” Savannah Strawbridge said. “In middle school we got bossed around for everything! Having more freedom will be nice.”

“I’m just looking forward to meeting more people,” Sarah Muti said.

Rolesville High is on the traditional Wake County school calendar. The rising freshman class will celebrate its first day as Rolesville Rams on Monday, August 25.