Rolesville High Wraps Up Educational First Year

By adrik garcia

The year has come and gone for so many at Rolesville High School and it has been a learning experience for everyone involved.

“The school year as a whole, at least for me, has been a big enjoyable experiment,” said freshman Aaron Le. “It was my first time in high school and my first time in a brand new school. I messed up a lot, but I also learned a lot as well.”

“0verall, I enjoyed my first year at Rolesville high school,” sophomore Hailey Von Krusze said. “Coming from a school with all four classes, it was very challenging to adapt to the maturity level of a lot of students. It’s fun being able to meet a lot of people and start new traditions, and it was easy to get involved with the school and help create better opportunities.”

Principle Erika Lucas said it has been a very rewarding year.

“We started with what I call ‘organized chaos,’” she said. “We began hiring in January and opened the door in August. Just to see the faces of the students when first entered the building gave me confirmation that we are on the right path to success.”

The school’s first year included academic and athletic highlights, Lucas said. Wins on the athletic fields earned the first trophy for the school’s display case. “Rambo” the ram became the school mascot.

Athletic director Tommy Moore said he’s “happy with the way the year went, and I think that everyone learned something.”

“I’m especially proud of our ejection-free year and our good sportsmanship,” Moore said.

Other faculty members also enjoyed the year.  Technology and Engineering teacher Gregory Kozar called it a great first year.

“All of the teachers and staff have worked very hard every day to help make the opening of our school a great experience for the students and the parents,” he said.

Students participated in a career day and a talent show, published a yearbook and started several clubs this year. Planning is already underway for additional clubs and a student newspaper next year.

Ashley-Brooke Daniels, Alex Bolster, Lauren Grossman and Grady Cook are founders of the school’s Key Club, which is to be active in the fall. It is a community service club that volunteers for such activity as community cleanups. Adrik Garcia is set to head up the student newspaper next year.

Lucas said she’s thankful for an “awesome group of teachers who stepped into leadership roles from their first day at Rolesville.”

“Many of them do multiple jobs – mentors, coaching, advisors, department chairs, etc.,” Lucas said. “I could not have asked for a better year.

“I am looking forward to next year, and our goal is to continue forward progress, because ‘We are Rolesville’.”