Rolesville Police Department Continues to Add Resources

November 2015

By Julia Colborn

The Rolesville Police Department is keeping up with the town’s rapid growth by implementing a second School Resource Officer position for Rolesville High School and adding another officer to the force.

As of the end of August, Officer Christopher Langston has been serving at the school, and Officer Isaiah Mazyck has completed training for the police force.

Officer Christopher LangstonOfficer Christopher Langston

Officer Christopher Langston, who has been with Rolesville for more than four years, has a calm demeanor that makes him a great fit for interacting with teenagers, according to Chief Bobby Langston, who is no relation to the officer.

For much of his career in Rolesville, Officer Langston has worked patrol. Although the work is not what he’s used to, he says he regards the change in duty as “an opportunity to learn something new and expand [his] career.”

Training for the new SRO position consisted of a weeklong course at the Justice Academy in Salemburg, N.C. Along with approximately 30 other officers from around the state, he received instruction on various laws, how to handle the new situations that may arise and how to be a resource as well as an officer.

Most of the crimes Langston has had to deal with thus far have been stolen property, but that is only a portion of his new assignment. Many students have approached him to talk, to get advice. He often ends up encouraging them to go speak with their guidance counselors, but he will listen and assist where he can.

“I’m trying to get them over the fear of police officers,” he says.

The gentler approach required with teenagers took some getting used to, he said, but overall he is enjoying this new challenge.

Officer Isaiah Mazyck

The newest RPD hire, Officer Isaiah Mazyck, joined the force only a few months after graduating Basic Law Enforcement Training.

Officer Isaiah Mazyck

Right about the time Officer Langston began his new duties, Officer Isaiah Mazyck was sworn in to join the force. Still undergoing three months of standard training, he should be cleared to work on his own just before Thanksgiving.

Although he has about 12 years experience in public safety – working contract security and loss prevention – this is his first time on a police force. Shortly before graduating Basic Law Enforcement Training this past spring, Mazyck had run into an officer who told him how nice Rolesville is and mentioned an open position. After some research, Mazyck applied. A rigorous interview process with a panel of department employees including the chief followed, and he was hired.

Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., Mazyck finds Rolesville is definitely a change of pace from what he is accustomed to.

“It’s a good feeling to have kids smile and say ‘hello’ and the support of the people, especially with the media these days,” Mazyck said.

He hasn’t decided which, if any, of the specialized units he would like to pursue.

“Anything in law enforcement,” he said. “You never know what to expect.”

So he will be taking his time and “getting a feel for it” before making any further decisions. Law enforcement itself, though, he finds very satisfying. “It is definitely something I can see myself retiring from.”