Rolesville Police Dept. hires Patricia Myers

Newest Hire Evokes Integrity and Community Involvement as Keys to Good Law Enforcement

— Mason Lipman • • April 2017

Roleville Police Department’s newest hire, Master Police Officer Patricia Myers, brings nearly seven years of experience in law enforcement and some strong beliefs: that a police officer’s duties goes behind her duties while in uniform and that a police officer should be a positive force in the community even while off duty.

“One of the biggest things when it comes to law enforcement in general is your integrity – who you are. Even behind closed doors. I think that’s one of the good qualities I have. Whether in uniform or out of uniform, I’m still the exact same person,” said Myers, who added, “If somebody needs help, I’m not going to just turn my back on them.”

Myers was sworn in as a Rolesville police officer on February 17.

Although she grew up in Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, “which is out in the boondocks of Rockingham County,” Myers is originally from Winston-Salem, and she returned there after completing high school. She was studying at Piedmont Baptist College in Winston-Salem when she decided to transition into a career.

“It was from that point where I decided to go ahead and venture into the career of law enforcement. I went to Forsyth Tech Community College, where I got my BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) certification,” she said.

She worked at the Henderson Police Department for six years, and she now has experience in several different fields within law enforcement.

“I was part of the narcotics unit for about two years while I worked at the Henderson police department. I worked on patrol for four years, I worked in the criminal investigation division for six months over there, and I was part of the SWAT team for about eight months,” she said.

Myers knows that the amount of experience she has in law enforcement is invaluable to the police department and the community of Rolesville. She says she has a commitment to the community and the department because, to her, it is of sincere importance that the department maintains the great relationship that it has with the community.

“Coming up here, everyone is nice, polite and actually likes law enforcement,” she said of the relationship that Rolesville has with its police officers.

She compared what she has seen in Rolesville since becoming a resident only a month ago to her experiences in Henderson, saying, “It’s kind of like culture shock,” and that “in Henderson people wanted to avoid you whether you were on duty or off duty.”

“It’s a really good community,” Myers said, “especially the relationship with law enforcement.”

Myers hopes to show Rolesville that the police department has chosen the best officer for the position and that her years of experience will lend to good community policing and further the trust that the community of Rolesville has in the police department.

“I want to be able to learn their way of doing things,” Myers said, “and be able to go out there and show them that they picked a good officer.”