Rolesville Puts Emphasis on Resident Veterans by Adding Web Page

— Lisa Brown • • August 2017

When the Town of Rolesville held a public dedication for its newly constructed Veterans Memorial in May 2016, the attendees included more local veterans than had been expected. Town employees were surprised and touched.

“It was truly a pleasure to watch them gathered together, and I recall the mayor (Frank Eagles) and I remarking at how many of Rolesville’s citizens are veterans,” Robin Reif, the town clerk, said recently.

Seeing so many veterans in attendance helped Reif realize many more veterans reside in the area and that some may need or want assistance of some sort.

With that in mind, a web page, Veterans Services (, has been added to the town’s website to help veterans learn about and obtain services they may not be aware of. The town can act as a liaison and assist veterans in getting in front of someone to find help and resolve issues more quickly and fully.

Veterans' Web Page screenshot

During the administration of former Gov. Pat McCrory, the Governor’s Working Group on Veterans, Service Members and Their Families was instituted to focus on job creation, work enrichment, health and wellness, legal and financial services, and benefits. The intragovernmental group strives to help the 800,000 veterans living in North Carolina.

Reif attends the monthly meeting, which provides information and resources specifically targeted to shelter, employment, benefits, healthcare, caregiver support, legal assistance and other topics.

“I hope to continue to bring back information and resources from these meetings that can be posted on the web page and be an ongoing source of information and referral for our citizen veterans,” Reif said.

Town Manager Bryan Hicks is confident in a staff he knows will serve all residents of Rolesville, but Reif will be especially important to veterans.

“The veterans who live here in Rolesville are an important part of the community. Robin, our Town Clerk, comes from a family of veterans, and making sure their needs are met is close to her heart,” Hicks said. “Her initiative to reach that certain part of the community is worth applause.”

Reif hopes to learn from veterans themselves what they would like to see on the site and what services they need.

“In short, as a municipality, when presented with an opportunity to serve a large and unique demographic, you go where the need is,” Reif said. “We are public servants and want to be there for our citizens. It is just a bonus to possibly give back, honor and show respect to a unique demographic that has already given so much to its country and community.”

She doesn’t plan to stop at just creating a web page.

“I personally would like to see our veterans gathered for Veterans Coffees like they are holding periodically in other areas of the state,” she said, “but what it boils down to is what they need and what they would like to see happen.”