Rolesville Students Help Pediatric Oncology Patients by Creating Therapy Dolls

April 2016
Service Project Now in its Third Year at RMS and RES

Under the leadership of Ashley Beal, the eighth-grade Falcon Team of Rolesville Middle School set a goal of 150 therapy dolls for their community project this year. This is the third consecutive year this team of students have committed to making these dolls.

Therapy Dolls

Julie Wiggins’ third-grade class at Rolesville Elementary made the “care notes” that accompany the therapy dolls.
Photo by Julie Wiggins

Last year, the students completed 80 dolls, and as of this writing, they had 132 dolls completed. These completed dolls were delivered to the pediatric oncology hospitals of Duke and UNC on March 12 by the Northern Wake Optimist Club.

The handmade care notes attached to the completed therapy dolls were made by Julie Wiggins’ third-grade class at Rolesville Elementary School. These students have also committed to making these notes for the past three years.

The staff at both hospitals are appreciative of these dolls.

One staff member noted, “We are so thankful for the wonderful therapy dolls and cards that you all helped to create and stitch for our patients at Duke. It is such a joy for our patients and families to have a special doll (that looks like them) to play with during their hospitalization or clinic visit. Children in the hospital have loved doing medical procedures to their dolls, like listening to their doll’s heart, taking blood or starting an IV for pretend medicine.”