Rolesville’s Administrative Branch: The Rolesville Town Hall Employees

March 2016

By Mason Lipman

“It’s a great place to work,” says Amy Langston, who is Rolesville Town Hall’s Accounting Technician. “The staff works great as a team. It is a blessing.”

Langston’s is the first face that visitors see upon entering Town Hall, and she is responsible for collecting payments for town utilities such as solid waste. She also answers phones. Langston came from a banking and accounting background and was hired in April 2012.

Town Hall - Langston-Stevens-Reif

Town of Rolesville employees, from left, Amy Langston, Amy Stevens, and Robin Reif
work well together behind the scenes in various, multiple roles.
Photo by Jeanne E. Fredriksen

Also hired in April 2012, Amy Stevens is the Finance Officer at Town Hall. She is responsible for financial management, accounts payable and receivable in Town Hall, the payroll, solid waste billing and financial reporting.

“Every day, to some degree, it’s a juggling act,” says Stevens, whose background is in municipalities.

Robin Reif, Rolesville’s Town Clerk, is a wearer of many hats, from that of the town’s record-keeper to that of the overseer of worker’s compensation, risk management and safety, and parliamentary procedure (making certain that meetings are carried out according to regulations). Whether they are the monthly or bimonthly meetings with the Planning Board and the Town Board, respectively, or any meeting of two or more board members, the regulations require that the town clerk be present. This means that the work Reif could be doing varies every day.

An increasingly important hat that town clerks must wear and become comfortable wearing, Reif said, is that of a good, concise record-keeper. Skill at this is vital because of the amount of public records requests, especially those dealing with the environment, in recent years.

“Making sure the government is as transparent as possible,” says Reif, is what the job of Town Clerk is essentially about.

Reif has had experience at the local, state and federal levels of government, having worked in the accounting offices of the State of Virginia and in Creedmoor from 2011 to 2015, when she was hired as the Town Clerk of Rolesville. The vast amount of practice Reif has had in her field means that she is knowledgeable and familiar with the procedures, regulations and work that must be done in government. Despite having a background in all levels of government, Reif espouses the virtues of small­ team work and the employees of Rolesville’s Town Hall.

Of them, she says, “There is not one person here that does not put the community first.”