Your beautiful sharing garden, planters, basket ideas.

Here we are; the month of August is upon us! Not much going on in the world of gardening as far as things to do other than weeding maintenance, light pruning and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

I thought this would be a good time to share the photos that we’ve received. Some are sharing gardens either at businesses or in neighborhoods, and there are pics of planters made by gardeners who followed the tips in my article in May.


Garden pic 1

Basil, chives, peppers, blackbeans, cilantro, squash, zuchinni, green beans and more grow outside of Rolesville Nutrition.

Garden pic 3

5-gallon buckets of vegetables are part of the neighborhood sharing garden at the home of the author.

Garden pic 2

Calibrachoa hangs in baskets outside.

Garden pic 4

Assorted coleus.