The 7th Annual Hot Pickin’ Finger Lickin’ BBQ & Bands Continues to Grow

BBQ 2016 - Line for the BBQ

The line for BBQ was long, but people were not planning to leave until they left with what they came for – the legendary Rolesville barbecue.
Photos by Abaigeal Brown

Although the North Carolina heat can sometimes be a little overdone, what wasn’t were the ribs, chicken and legendary pulled pork BBQ in Rolesville on the afternoon of the September 17.

BBQ 2016 - White Street Brewing

White Street Brewing

With bands, kiosks, bounce houses for the children, White Street Brewing Company as a new addition and, of course, the barbecue, the seventh annual celebration was a huge success in downtown Rolesville. Starting at 11 a.m. and going until 6 p.m., the activities in the street did not clear out until the sun had set.

With the competition being open to the public, anyone and everyone had the chance to register and hitch their grill to the back of their truck and make their way to Rolesville to compete. Most people came to just hang out with some friends and family.

Along with the newcomers, a few familiar faces made it back for the festival, such as the team known as Woodpile, which earned two flame trophies and placed second in both the ribs and whole hog categories. And Woodpile was not alone when it came to winning a few flames.

BBQ 2016 -  Woodpile Team

Woodpile BBQ Team

Twisted Pair placed first in chicken, first in ribs, and third for the whole hog for their renowned barbecue with a twist.

“They’re taking home as many hot pickin’ flames as they can get!” WRAL newscaster and event judge Ken Smith said as the team walked away from the stage.

Karate Pig made the strut to the stage twice to claim flames for second in chicken and third in ribs.

Hand Me Down was the first to receive a flame, placing third in chicken, and Hound Dog took the award for first place in the whole hog competition.

BBQ 2016 - Karate Pig team

Karate Pig BBQ Team

Along with feeding everyone who made their way down the street with legendary barbecue for $10 or $12 a plate, keeping the environment family-friendly has always been a top priority for the festival. Not only were there bounce houses and a station for the kids to learn karate moves, but White Street Brewing Company made a debut appearance for the adults.

“I like coming here with my family because the food is really good, my friends and I get to dance around to the music, and I get my face painted!” one seven-year-old proclaimed.

BBQ 2016 - Twisted Pair team

Twisted Pair BBQ Team

As the population grows in town of Rolesville, so does the number of people expected to attend the festival. That means a better turnout for what is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce and in the town.

The proceeds raised from meal sales at the festival support the town’s Chamber of Commerce, giving it the funding to support other local events during the year.

“With each festival that comes around every year, it gets better and better. Coming to the

BBQ & Bands is a big thing for our community,” said Rolesville resident Justin White. “Seeing more people come out and have a really good time is important to keep our sense of community here in Rolesville so strong.”

— Abaigeal Brown • October 2016