Town of Rolesville Asking for Input on New Comprehensive Plan

September 2015

By Lisa Brown •

Town of RolesvilleThe town of Rolesville has seen tremendous growth, as most residents can attest. In 2001 there were just 1,000 people who called Rolesville home. The latest U.S. Census report estimates the town’s 2014 population to be 5,785 and growing steadily.

All towns have comprehensive plans that provide the framework for how the town will adopt policies and ordinances, manage land use, protect public safety, preserve historic sites, and more. Until now, the Town had been operating under a plan developed in 2002 that town leaders say is not very cohesive because each department contributed its own ideas and visions. There was not one overall image and voice. With the town’s growth, officials know the need for a united plan is more vital than ever.

As a result, the Town is working to create that comprehensive plan, ReDiscover Rolesville, and bringing all departments together to produce something that will take the Town into the next 20 to 25 years. They are also asking for help from residents and non-residents alike.

There are two ways to contribute. One is a short, 19-question survey that should only take five minutes to complete. The other is a more interactive open-ended survey in which people may start conversations or contribute to any already begun. Both are considered valuable; however, Thomas Lloyd, Rolesville planning director, hopes participants start with the short survey.

“That will give us the best information, and we’re hoping people take the time to complete it,” he said.

“Non-residents use our services so we need to hear from them as well,” said J.G. Ferguson, Rolesville’s Parks and Recreation director.

“Especially now with the bypass, more people will be traveling through the town, and we’d like to hear from them as well,” Lloyd added.

Stantec, a Raleigh company specializing in planning and land use, has been hired to manage the project, and residents may see representatives out and about asking questions in the community. There will also be focus groups and committee meetings.

Once the information is gathered, the plan will be developed and will go before the town’s Planning Board for approval.

“We hope to have this wrapped up by the end of the year and implemented in 2016,” Lloyd said.

Ferguson hopes people will contribute their own ideas and visions. “Now is the time to be heard,” he said.

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