Unity in the Community

Unity in the Community

People from Rolesville and surrounding communities came together at New Bethel Baptist Church for a prayer meeting of healing and peace.

In the wake of tragic events around the nation, nearly 150 people came together the evening of July 11 for a special prayer gathering at New Bethel Baptist Church, 605 E. Young St. in Rolesville, with the intent of healing and peace.

The service included officials and members of several local churches, and both white and black gathered together to participate in the message. Organizer and New Bethel Pastor Lenwood Long, Sr. said the church was beautiful with all the color in attendance, and he welcomed pastors from the area churches and invited each to speak or pray. Many took this opportunity to reflect on the messages they had delivered in their own churches the previous Sunday about peace and love in this time of tragedy and uncertainty.

“We know these are very critical times,” Rev. Long said. “We need to push back on the political rhetoric. And instead of appealing to our worst fears, we need to really appeal to the instinct of the God in us.”

Community Prayer Service

Rev. Lenwood Long, Sr.

Rev. Long added that all were welcome at the vigil, regardless of their belief or background.

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles, several of the town’s commissioners and a few Rolesville police officers attended. As he spoke, Eagles mentioned that he should have brought his diabetes test kit so he could prick his and Pastor Long’s fingers just to show we may be different colors on the outside but are the same on the inside.

Community Prayer Service

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles

Addressing the participants, Eagles said, spoke of the need to support the police officers.

“Law enforcement has a job to do, and they’re nervous because they’re putting their life on the line and they don’t know who they’re stopping or what’s going on,” Eagles said. “On the other hand, we need to respect the people that you’re stopping and interacting with as law enforcement to make sure they are treated right and fairly.”

The gathering ended with all attendees holding hands in the front of the church and singing together in praise.

“We need each other, we need to embrace each other, we need to show love for each other,” Long said. “We’ll be a stronger and better community.”


Photos by Scottie Hundley | August 2016