Volunteer Fireman Chris Sok Becomes Career Firefighter

— Mason Lipman • mason.lipman@rolesvillebuzz.com • April 2017

RRFD Christopher Sok

Fireman Christopher Sok, in front of a Rolesville fire engine, is the newest full-time firefighter at the Rolesville Fire Department.
Photo courtesy of Rolesville Rural Fire Department

Christopher Sok wasted no time and few words when asked about his best quality as a firefighter.

“I bring a hard work ethic,” he said.

But don’t mistake Sok’s brevity for a lack of dedication to his position as the newest full-time firefighter at the Rolesville Rural Fire Department. Captain Brian Ward sees the exemplary commitment that Sok has to the department, the job and the community as a first-responder.

“Motivated, dedicated, and very educated on his job” are some of the ways Ward describes Sok.

“He takes pride in the way his tools look, all the time he’s fixing, repairing, painting,” Ward added. “He’s motivated in keeping things looking good.”

Sok has shown a serious work ethic and commitment to firefighting since he first became a volunteer firefighter in August 2014.

“The only difference [since he became a full-time employee] is that he’s getting paid,” Ward said, laughing.

Firefighting is a profession that Sok had been exposed to from an early age because it was his father’s profession in Illinois, where Christopher was born.

“I wanted to do it for a long time. I’ve always been around it,” Sok said. “I watched my dad do it when I was growing up.”

When he was in the third grade, his family relocated to Rolesville, where he lived until moving to Youngsville in December. On December 1, 2016, Sok was made a full-time firefighter at the Rolesville Rural Fire Department.

“It’s somewhat different as a volunteer,” Sok said. “With some departments, you don’t respond to everything. But as a paid staff member, if a medical call comes out in the middle of the night, no matter what you’ve got to get up and take it. You’re that person up there that’s got to go take the call.”