What’s Buzzin’ @ RMS – January 2017

— Kinea Epps • January 2017

Rolesville Middle School RamsHello, RMS Families!

Happy New Year! For those of you who have been in year-round for a little while, you know that the second semester moves quickly and we start talking about transitioning to the next grade level very early on. For our eighth-grade parents and students, those conversations are taking place this month.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the High School on the Horizon program at 6:30 p.m. January 17. Counselors will present information about high school requirements and the high school registration process. It is important that you review the recommendations with your students and also spend time talking about the elective choices they can make in high school. We encourage students to take not only courses they are interested in but also courses that will continue to give them insight on their future careers. You will also want to bookmark the counselors’ website (www.rmsschoolcounselors.weebly.com) for updates. On the website, information will be posted about the high school’s rising-ninth-grade events, course registration sheets and timeline information for transfer requests. During this time, many families are interested in having their students attend different high schools. Please make sure you are checking our website and the Wake County Public School System site (www.wcpss.net) for the transfer application period and the criteria required to have your transfer approved.

In addition to making sure students have the information they need for the transition to high school, this semester will be full of activities to help them prepare. The counselors will go into classrooms and talk to students about what they can expect in ninth grade, juggling school work and extra responsibilities, freedom and the very important big picture – what happens after high school. We’ll be working with our community partners to provide a lesson on understanding salaries, calculating taxes and budgeting monthly expenses. This lesson is always an eye-opener for many students. As you and your family prepare, take a moment and ask your students what their thoughts are about high school. Ask if they have any fears or concerns or anything they are excited about. It’s not too early. We’ve already heard from some students, and – trust me – they are thinking about it.

For our rising sixth-grade families, we’ll have more information for you, too, about the transition to middle school and important dates to mark on your calendar. Stay tuned!

And just a reminder: Second semester can be challenging for students as they make the final stretch of the school year. Try to keep routines the same and continue to set goals for finishing the year strong. If you need help, be sure to reach out to your child’s counselor and/or teacher to help you wrap up the school year.

Kinea Epps is Lead School Counselor at Rolesville Middle School